Friday, November 7, 2014

Feeling Crafty.

I think pregnancy tends to heighten my need to fulfill a certain crafting quota. It was this way with Adele at least, and thus far in this pregnancy (and I can't really remember any crafting projects when I was expecting Hattie. Mama brain.)

Lately we've been making paper pumpkins, paper not-pumpkins (read: same template, different paper), a scrapbook album for the girls (shh, that's a gift), and today we started on a Christmas tree skirt.

Now, don't get snarky about Christmas getting in front of Thanksgiving because I'm all for being thankful, but I'm also for mindful preparations for Christmas to make December less hectic and more enjoyable. I usually order our Christmas cards in November too.

Anywho, I'm excited for our simple burlap with red stripe skirt, and I just lack using the serger on the edges (because it's much easier than hemming it! and I have a lovely aunt who has just such a machine:) ). And and and, maybe we'll even have a tree this year. We've not had one in the past, but I'm secretly or not so secretly hoping we'll get a little real one…because we already have the skirt, after all.

Hope you're meeting your crafting quota these days, if you're burdened with such a thing.

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