Thursday, November 6, 2014

Of holidays, moving, selfish girl and the usual mashup of thoughts.

Hello, November.
I'm kind of thrilled for you to be here, even on this gray day with spitting rain. {I acquired that term from my husband, before I would have simply and perhaps more desirably said sprinkling.}

November brings a much loved refuge from all the icky Halloween decorations in every store. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate through October because of all those, but I wouldn't really want to do that because October is a lovely month. We drove through the mountains of Tennessee a few weeks ago, and it was so delightful to get to look around and see all the colors of fall from the heights of the mountains. It was an added blessing to a somewhat somber-toned trip altogether, for Emery's mother is dying of lung & brain cancer, and it may have been the last opportunity for us to visit with her this side of heaven.

But I'm still excited for the holiday season. I didn't even mind the Christmas trees on display in Target. I think the childhood wonder of the holidays has come back to me now that I get to experience it with my own girls. "Look mama {pronounced MAM-A by Hattie}, there's Santa Clause!"....even though we don't "do" Santa, she knows he's character that gets talked about this time of year, and that seems fine by her. And old Santa provides a welcome distraction from noticing every Elsa and Anna piece of merchandise that our cart passes. Adele calls out, "Anna" anytime she sees any princess. Lol.
Back to the wonder of season....I realized a while back why I never particularly enjoyed the holidays when I was younger. If I was asked what my favorite holiday was, I would usually say Christmas because I got stuff, by my very self-focused attitude was often disappointed with what I received anyway {Ungrateful.} The holidays for me were times of feeling sorry for myself because I didn't fit in or didn't have a boyfriend to bring to the get-togethers or blah blah blah. Yikes. I must have been terrible to live with.
Thankfully, God changed my outlook on life. He taught me to take the time to invest in others: putting their joy ahead of my own, and I've reaped the blessing of enjoying the holidays. I'm excited about the work and preparations of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Excited to make our home cozy and festive. Excited to teach my little ladies what it means to have Thanksgiving celebrations and to cultivate thankful hearts. Excited to continue to establish family traditions - however simple or maybe cheesy. :)
Speaking of homes, it looks like we may be living in a house again before Thanksgiving! Talk about another thing to be excited about! Our little one-bedroom apartment hasn't been bad for short term living, but I'm certainly not complaining about the prospect of having Windows and the girls having a bedroom and enough space to put out our limited supply of decorations without having to put some fall things away to make room for the pilgrims and leaves. And to have guests, I'm stoked about having guests dinners, play-dates with cousins, friends to tea. These are a few of my favorite things.
Another move is slightly daunting, but at least the vast majority of our stuff is still packed neatly in storage. You know, in my adult life, I've never made a local move. Every move Emery and I have made has been at least 3 hours away from wherever we were living, but we're looking at a 20 minute drive this time and that's so refreshing! I bought a doormat for our potential new house today and a lamp - holla Target clearance! - and, oh, the smile factor is increasing all the time.

So, Welcome November. I'm glad you're here.

PS I'm also glad that there are only 6-ish more weeks until we hopefully will find out the gender of our little - but growing - baby! I'm also hoping that I'll get busy on finding a name for the child after we know whether we're looking at pink or far all I've got are the names that Hattie comes up with for her pretend family. She had a daughter named Symphony yesterday and sometimes says her brother is named David and she's married to Caleb. I asked her what the baby's name should be this week and her response, "Temporary". LOL. That girl. Here's to Temporary Sayre, whom I hope isn't temporary at all.

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