Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Laptop, portable computer

For the last few years, we've needed to replace the battery in our laptop. Thus, it required it's plug to function for more than 5 seconds. But we've entered a new world...bought a new battery and adapter, and I have golden visions of sitting somewhere other than near an outlet to check my email and whatnot.

Also having our computer functioning again means I feel the pull of getting these crazy Christmas cards done, but you know what? We haven't got a picture. Not one. I don't think I've even taken a picture on my real camera since September. And I just feel like it's not worth it to send Christmas cards if you can't even get a cute picture of your kids.
Maybe I'll just wait till the baby is born and send late-Christmas/birth announcements. "Merry Christmas six months ago and oh yeah, we had a baby!" lol. except it isn't even funny. Maybe I can get my act together by new years? Nobody hold me to that.

I finally figured out that Adele is cutting some molars right now. The light bulb in my head went off, and AHA! that's why you had a fever and prolonged runny nose and general irritability on top of your cough and stuff. Now I get it. I'm thankful for mommy brains that sometimes work.

I hung some pictures today in the girls' room. They make it so nice and cozy. Pictures of us on the wall make a house feel like our home. I like it. I like feeling like home isn't just a in-and-out, no-time to-think-about-it kind of place. I like it to be welcoming and personal...albeit very lived in {Which is to say, give me ten minutes to clean up my house before stopping by!}.

Whilst holed up during this bout of sickness, I've been reading some of my old favorites, Stepping Heavenward and Hinds' feet in High Places. In the latter, the main character "Much-Afraid" is learning to follow the Great Shepherd on her journey to the High Places, and one of the lessons she must learn along the way is: acceptance with joy.
That struck a chord with me. How often when trials come do we want to whine and complain...we our appropriate response ought to be, "Yes, Lord, I'll accept what you've given with joy"----Joy because we know whom we have believed in, not necessarily because of the situation.

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