Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Seasons...time for pause

I was talking with a friend yesterday about this season of life.
It's a season of savoring. Albeit unintentionally, at times.

Slow down, Lizzy. Hold the baby while he naps - for this phase is so short.
Discipline a toddler, thoroughly, till all is resolved. Wipe the noses. Wash the laundry, even if it never gets folded before being worn again.

I'd like to dream up beautiful resolutions for 2016. But resolutions ought to be made on sunny days (which isn't today), and truly the best I've got feels like just scraping by. It feels like there isn't any room or energy to strive for betterment.
That sounds so awful. I know.

Motherhood in the trenches. As real as it gets right here.

Before long, a certain 8 month old won't be completely attached to my hip. My toddler will get through her struggles, and I'll manage to get back on track with homeschooling (I'm so thankful pre-k is kind of a practice year!). It'll pass, all of it, but I don't want to just endure till it does.
I want to enjoy & thrive as best as I can.

So I'll raise my proverbial glass to days at home, such as they are, with these little people whom I love.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Musings

It's funny how your plans for the day can fly out the window, mine did.

I only had two things on my list: make Emery some doughnuts for his birthday and pack.
But thow-up brought a screeching halt to any productivity that I might have imagined.

My girls really didn't get sick while they were still nursing. Maybe a runny nose once or twice, but as long as I breastfed them, they were healthy little ones. Elijah is, of course, all boy. And different. He's been sick-ish for two weeks, and started throwing up today.
Babies can't make it to the potty, you know, so you can guess who was the recipient of the vomit.

But, I think - happily - that it is not the stomach virus, just congestion and teething, and for this I am very thankful. For a bit, I thought maybe I ought to call someone to pick up the girls because I didn't want them to catch another virus...but then we were all potentially exposed yesterday....and I don't want to get anyone else sick...and Granana is busy working on remodeling projects, so she can't come....What to do??!?

Thank the Lord, he stopped throwing up. I got a shower and he a bath, ran a load of icky laundry, and made dinner. But no packing or doughnuts.
I might just have to buy some doughnuts. I don't deep fry things. It seems too risky and too much oil usage to justify, and I don't have a doughnut pan, so baking them is kind of out too, but I was going to try, somehow.
The packing must be done tomorrow, and I'm thankful that my mountain of laundry is a clean mountain. We can't find anything in it, but if we really really tried, we could. It is worth quite a lot to have a clean pile of clothes rather than heaps of dirty ones.

Emery's working late tonight on a big project. Somehow when he's not here, I feel complete liberty in feeding the children at 5pm and putting them to bed by 6:30 or 7pm. I mean, it's dark outside, why not?
I do like for them all to have time with Emery in the evenings, and usually, bed time is 8, but I don't see any reason for prolonging the inevitable if Daddy isn't here.
I'll tell you one problem with this scenario, eating at 5 and Not getting to sleep by 9 means you need a snack to be able to get to sleep at all. [In other words, I'm hungry, and I'm tempted to eat some of the leftover icing. It might be worth brushing my teeth again.

Late last week, we went to the library for the first time this month. We'd gotten into going every week or more, so it was fresh and exciting and I had a pile of books on hold that were ready to pick up. I'm always surprised at which books become favorites for a week or so. And more than that, the girls would rather hear the ones I've read for times over than to read ones we haven't gotten around to at all. This week's favorites include: Harry and Mudge, the Garbage Barge, and Ollie the Other Reindeer....all of which were chosen via the random grab off the shelf method. Ahem, none of the ones I had reserved have made the cut so far, but then again we haven't read them yet. Time will tell, and probably Ollie the other Reindeer will be the reigning champ anyway.

One more: it hit me a little while ago, there will be no holiday mashed potatoes on my plate this week. Dairy is the culprit. And the holiday potatoes with the cream cheese and pools of butter. Well, I'm just not going to think about it. But, man, are they good. I'll have to pick a relative to live vicariously through as they eat theirs.
We aren't poor, pitiful allergy sufferers this season. I've made us a dose of festive at two dinners already. Dressing, cranberries, carrot cake, and sweet potatoes were all scrumptious, and I'm sure we're the better for not hoarding down all the goodness in one setting. So come Thursday, our plates might we a bit more sparse than others, but that's quite alright for we haven't been much deprived.

One more part 2: My heart goes out to those that are hurting right now. I know in our circle, four have passed in the last week or so, and in our family there are anniversaries of loved ones gone. I'm thankful for our heavenly Father who binds up the broken-hearted and comfort the comfortless. May He give each of you peace.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

World // our reaction

Okay, hot button issue time.

You'll have to excuse me, but I don't feel all the posts on social media really affect what will be decided in Washington. Maybe they do, but I kind of doubt it. So let's step back from the immigration policy issue - because that will be decided by people other than me (and I'm thankful for that!) - let's get real about how we'll react.

If thousands of refugees enter our country and join our communities...what are you going to do? Complain about them taking "our" jobs?
Wax less than poetic about how they should go home?

Or are you going to show the love of Christ to these hurting, displaced people?

You know, I've moved around a lot in the last few years, and I've quipped about being a stranger and sojourner, but compared to being a refugee from a war-torn nation...there is no comparison.
And maybe there are some crazies that end up being allowed inside our border, but we've got a pretty good stock of crazies here already. We're all sinners. We're all capable of horrendous, egregious sins. "But for the grace of God, there go I".

Let's be light and salt in our communities, whatever the outcome. Let's show kindness and love to those in need. Let's share the Balm of Gilead with wounded souls.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Church family.

We've had a solid week of sickness.
The germs percolating through every family member. Emery has come out the least scathed. The rest of us are still keeping the tissue companies' profits in the red.
Elijah has perfected his "don't wipe my nose!" wiggle. 

It's been a long week as you may imagine.

But, let's take a moment to recognize and thank the God in heaven that we were NOT dealing with the stomach virus. Hallelujah! There was no vomit this week, and for this I am very grateful.

We're 3x a week church people, and for me to miss two Sundays in a row feels like I'm living in an alternate universe. I'm a "mark the passage of time by church services" kind of girl -- this stuff throws me off thoroughly.  I sure hope we're all healthy enough to join in on the Thanksgiving Dinner this Wednesday night.

It's tradition, see? The Wednesday the week before Thanksgiving is always our dinner at church. Well, we have dinner at church every Wednesday, but this one's Thanksgiving style. I love it. The table is always filled to max capacity with homey fixings, and everyone shares the things that they're thankful for this year.
It's a very loving time.
Little children might be dressed as pilgrims and sing a song or recite a verse. And we'll probably all join hands and pray. Because that's how we roll. We're a church family with a heavy emphasis on the family part.

When I was a teenager, I thought thought I certainly wouldn't be still at Shoal Creek down the road, and I was gone to another state for half a dozen years, but here I am, again. With husband and little ones, and as happy as a clam to be here. With family.

{Let me add, that I have loved every church I've been a part of over the years. And I miss the dear ones in Maryland, Mississippi, and Tennessee, but there's an extra special blessing in raising my children in the same church where I was raised.}

Saturday, November 7, 2015

I ought to be...

There are a great many things I ought to be doing, but right now I'm choosing to hold this freshly-bathed, sleeping baby and write with you a while.

We're under contract on a house now. It's scary and exciting, for me anyway. We've been so adventurous heretofore moving hither and yon. And while it's tiring, it's also a bit thrilling. Buying a house means - at least in theory - we have settled and put down roots...and I haven't been certain that was what I completely wanted. {After all, with friends moving to ALASKA! I admit I've been a little jeally of such an adventure}

Buying a home isn't shunning adventure, I tell myself, but it changes the face of it.
We've found a lovely little house. The thought of finally having our own place and picking out curtains and rugs, these things feel very cozy and inviting. A comfortable feeling, indeed.

Would you like a random tidbit? Good.
In all our house-hunting these last few months, we looked at only one house with five digits in the house number.
Why does that matter, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.
I don't like for a home to have five digits in the address. I can't tell you why precisely, but any number of digits less than five is MUCH more favorable in my opinion.
I've always preferred even numbers too. {Just generally, not as related to "housing"} And if it's left versus right, I always hope for right to win.
So there. Eccentricities Abound.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


It's the 5th of November. I still haven't gotten my pilgrims out. What's wrong with me?? Tsk tsk.

I have a little green mushroom growing in my aloe plant (indoors).

I have a baby with two teeth.

I have been accumulating boxes that will probably start being packed this weekend (!)

I have a toddler who has been carrying around a little container of chocolate chips as potty prizes.

I have no idea what to make for dinner.

And I feel generally uncertain as to whether I ought to order Christmas cards this year.

I also have an oven that needs cleaning.

Thursday. A misty moisty Thursday. Has the sun shone on you lately? We've had a dearth of sunshine here. I ought to go take my Vit D. Thank you for reminding me.

Friday, October 23, 2015


I've gotten back on pintrest lately.
The house we put an offer in on needs some TLC: new floors, paint, & general touch-ups.  So I've been getting the little wheels in my head spinning with ideas for how to fix the place up nicely.
I admit this has been an enjoyable time-black hole. But I'll also admit that dreaming about this house has gotten me rather attached. I'll be sad if we don't get it.

Oh well.
It's so charming to think of making a home just as I'd like it.
We've always been renters and never had such a luxury.
Lord willing, we'll have a happy little house that we'll get to transform into a happy little Sayre home.

In all the pintresting, I had an epiphany: laundry rooms should be painted the color of lint.
I didn't find that on pintrest! But I think it's genius.

There's also this thing about pintrest...all those beautiful pictures...everything so that never needed an update being upgraded a zillion times over....
well it's almost like perfection is the standard. I almost wish someone would make a pintrest for things that are" pretty but imperfect" or "good enough." because we're all works in progress, every part of our lives have rough edges and we'll never be pintrest perfect.

As an aside: Little Elijah has lost his newborn scent and smells like a little boy now. Sweaty little boy that I love!

Monday, October 19, 2015


We've been house-hunting for (an eternity? a month? 14 years? I don't really know).
Anywho, this time around we're under time constraints to figure out what will be done and we're looking and looking and looking and seemingly coming up empty-handed or with turned down offers. The rub is the emotional attachment one begins to feel to houses that might become home. I start to plan paint colors, furniture arrangement and then when we get that "no" -- it's like erasing the chalk board after having filled it up with thoughts and dreams. {Actually, I'm against chalk boards. The chalk makes entirely too much noise for my poor ears. Gives me chills just to think about chalk squeaking. I'm a dry-erase girl all the way.}
But we're resilient, right? Of course, right.

In other news....

Hattie has gone off on a day trip to the mountains with my parents and her cousin. I'm sure they're having a swell time. The excitement was running high when they left yesterday.  I was a little apprehensive about not having Hattie here to play with Adele. The thought "How am I going to get anything done?!?" may have entered my head. But it's been lovely to spend the day Adele (and Elijah, but he doesn't really compete for attention yet). She's such a fun little girl, especially without anyone here with whom to fight.
I asked Adele what special treat she might like from Target this morning. She replied "super giant socks" -- this means Captain America socks, not extra large socks. Well, they didn't have such themed socks, but she was happy with a nice set of little boy socks. She's in a rather boy-ish phase lately, to which I'll indulge her on some points. She does have to wear dresses to church, but she can absolutely use a Captain America toothbrush or pick out socks that aren't pink.

Also a reason for celebration: we're almost past Halloween. I'm not keen on the spiderwebs and all the other icky decorations, especially in the stores. I'm thoroughly ready for us to move on towards Thanksgiving. Besides, my pilgrims are just itching to assume a place of honor in our home's decorations.
Hattie is anxious for us to make a pumpkin pie straight from the pumpkin. I am not sure how involved a process this is going to be, but we'll try!

Here's to reddening maple boughs and crisp air and the smell of the furnace kicking on for the first time...Fall!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mopping confession

Right out with it: I didn't mop the whole month of September.

I know you've fallen off your chair in aghast surprise. Go ahead and get back up, I'll wait.

It's not that I didn't notice the spots....because practically every time the sun shined on the floor, I'd see the marks that Pine Sol would improve so much,

but but but

we spill a lot.

a lot of wiping up happens. if it's juice, I'll spray the floor with cleaner.
Somehow real mopping just wasn't worth it last month.

I started October on a better foot.
I vigorously applied the mop to my floors.

the result: I broke the mop.
a swifter-type deal with spray bottle built in and a swivel head...the swivel is where it failed. 
Undaunted, I took the cleaner pad and kept on by hand. It's a little frustrating that it was easier than the unbroken way: squeezing of the trigger fifty-bazillion times.

I spilled the solution bottle. and little foot prints kept dancing across my wet floor, but I cleaned the more than three feet of the floor. Hallelujah.

In an unusual burst of mental awareness, I even mopped after 3 crafts  (cinnamon ornaments/sachets, leaf rubbings, and pretzel shaped bird seed feeders)were fulfilled. It would have been terribly typical of me to mop in the morning and then have ruinous craft results.
Except that I have been doing a miserable job in being crafty with the girls, so it wouldn't be that typical.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Soups and Sunshine

As I mentioned a few days ago, it's been plumb like Seattle here. So much so, we have not had a glimmer of sunshine in the last eleven days, but today the sun burst through and is working toward drying things out around here.

I've been dreaming up soups to make in the coming days.
My list involves: Chili, Potato Soup (sans dairy, I'm sure if there's enough bacon it'll turn out alright), Pumpkin-Curry Soup, Taco Soup, Chicken and Dumplings, Beef Vegetable Soup....
and that's all I've got so far, but I heartily welcome your suggestions.
If I had my druthers, I'd include Lobster Bisque, Corn & Crab Chowder, and many other butter, cheese, and milk laden luxuries. I've been aching for dairy something fierce lately - anxious for the days when I'm not nursing a little person who screams in agony if I have milk products, but it's certainly not worth it now. And I still have the pleasure of smelling the goodness of a variety of casseroles and such at church dinners. All is not lost.

Emery, the good man, brought home groceries last night. {Leaving the house, especially for groceries and the unloading thereof, is not my cup of tea lately}. Now, we're equipped with canned pumpkin and a world of opportunities before us.
Oh Fall. You're such a dear.

In other news: Adele and potty training. Kind of ugh. I have no zeal for this.

Hattie just informed me that she's graduated pre-k and is getting ready for college now. Ha.

We are almost finished with our curriculum for pre-k...which is cool and we've enjoyed it, but at the same time, I'm not sure if I'm ready to buy another program for Kindergarten or just supplement other materials for a while. Either way, she's learned a lot so far. I mean, she's READING. Whoop! Whoop!
And Adele, while not up in my lap listening the whole time, has made remarkable strides in her language development and story telling, and I'm {thankful} proud as can be of my little brood.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


It's felt like Seattle here lately.

Clouds and rain for the last week.

Actually, I've never been to Seattle. But I have been to Portland, and I imagine the weather is fairly similar. We spent two weeks in Portland on business before Hattie was born. It was cold and drizzly (in mid-September), and I hadn't packed appropriately, and the sun seemed to come out right around dusk, and I thought to myself, "Self, this is not a place you want to live. You need more sunshine."
And I'm right. I do.

But I was thinking this morning, that if we did happen to live in a place where it rained 9 months of the year, we'd just get used to it. We'd buy good rain gear and go tromping out anyway because life is still to be lived - rainy or not.

Thankfully though, we have a good amount of Sunshine here in the Southeast. The spurts of rainy seasons come once in a while, and I relish them.

Somehow days of gray and mist and rain cleanse and refresh my mind and heart.
They invite me to slow down, read more, drink mugs of steamy beverages. To write letters, to have the house smelling of vanilla, to curl up and soak in the rain-drenched world outside my windows.

We'll gladly embrace the sun when she shines again, maybe in October, but to day and the five-day forecast speak of clouds and drizzle--a welcome change from the glare and heat of summer so recently folded up and put into the drawer for next year.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mind Over Matter

So much of life falls into the category of "mind over matter"...or when I think of my grandmother, it translates into back-your-ear-edness (not that she actually says that, but she has such strength of character and determination, she just gets. things. done.)

Anywho, I was reminded tonight about being mentally prepared for things, and how it makes such a difference in the state of my heart.

For example, when I know Emery will be away on work for a few days, we get through it. I might plan a few extra activities (ahem: distractions), but we'll get through, eagerly awaiting his expected arrival.
BUT, when the dear man has to work late unexpectedly with no estimated time of arrival - oh man, watch out! It's going to be rough at my house.
This happened tonight, so I know.

Dinner was nearly ready when I called to see how close he was {to home}. I could tell right away he hadn't left yet - the lack of road noise during the call. And we spiraled down hill from there.
Hattie was threatened with being sent to her room for the rest of the night if she offered another complaint over dinner (or the position of dinner or how she didn't want such and such). And Adele broke a bead necklace with 153 beads scattered over the carpet, necessitating a vacuuming that I hadn't planned into our bedtime schedule. And the over squeezed tooth paste and the cries for a properly positioned blanket and pleas for a last drink of water.....aye aye aye, they wore me down tonight.
And All because Emery didn't tell me he'd be home late.

Haha, NO. I'm not blaming this evening on him. It's my fault for not dealing well. But mental preparedness goes a long well toward dealing better.

I have a convicting quotation on my fridge: "The state of your heart is the state of your home."




My heart has been a grump...which has been evidencing itself in harsh words to my little children, who are just being children. And I'm setting the example for them! Eek, I need a memory eraser.

I"m thankful HIS mercies are new every morning, and I get another opportunity (Lord willing) to impress upon their minds and hearts kind words and loving deeds, to show them the love of Christ -- rather than the wrath of mama.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

octopus on my head

I've never had an awful haircut. I've had  two or three that didn't have as nice a shape as i'd like, but never anything mortifying.
But then again, I've always been pretty conservative with my hair...never above the shoulder, never colored, never had bangs cut since 3rd grade.

I went out on an uncharacteristic limb last weekend though, and the result is: I don't like my hair.

I still didn't do anything drastic. I asked for above the shoulder. {gasp!} And I knew my curls would seize up with so much weight off of them, and it's shorter than id like.

IT IS out of the spit-up and grab zone from Elijah. And it doesn't look too bad freshly washed, but when i wake up in the morning, i feel like there's an octopus on my head. It's too short to wrangle into a bun or something well behaved.

So I suppose I've been cured of wanting to go to shorter lengths, and next time I feel scraggly and unkempt, I'll just ask for a trim to freshen up a bit.

Monday, September 21, 2015

a few things

-I finally got around to making a new (and hopefully more realistic) schedule. The highlight is that I scheduled sleeping later, and that makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing...nursing the baby often during the night and sleeping in a bit are OKAY at this stage of life.

-I got out our fall decorations last week. I went to Michael's thinking I'd get some inspiration, but all I found was that I already had the things I would have wanted to buy. So I just went home and dug out my fall decor box. I'm not quite ready for pumpkin spice everything, but my couple of pumpkins are adorning the mantle.

-For whatever reason, I feel like my sentence structure (syntax?) is kind of wonky today. Sorry if it's struggle to get through this post.

-I'm trying to making ranch chicken pasta. I just came up with it...or so I thought, but of course there are recipes all over the interweb. Nevertheless, I promptly paid them little heed and started out. Homemade mayo-based ranch, half a jar spaghetti sauce (that was leftover from another recipe), and boiled chicken. And then I added a touch of cayenne, and I think I may have stumbled upon buffalo chicken pasta. This may not be a bad thing. It's TBD. With Elijah being very much a babe in arms, I feel like I have make dinner when I have the I started getting things going at 4:30, knowing full well that Emery is rarely home before 6:30. But for the sake of sanity, it seems thoroughly worth it to let the sauce simmer a long while than to have crying baby wriggling from out of his bumbo seat while trying to be creative and efficient.

-Fall starts this week! It's going to be cool this coming weekend, so they say, and I'm eager for sweater weather.

-My Pawpaw passed away a year ago in July. Today would have been his 85th birthday.

Oh, I read Anne of Green Gables like I said I ought. And it was a delight. I don't have hard copies of the other books in the series and thought I might listen to the audio book, but I was quickly reminded that audio books are for people who already have some quiet time in their hands. I don't fall into that category. There are three little people who prevent me from having that thing called quiet. But that's quite alright because we're raising children, not gerbils, and noise (and dirt) go hand-in-hand with child rearing, and IT IS WORTH IT.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Ode to Anne Shirley and Lucy Maud Montgomery

Just googling Anne of Green Gables quotations makes my heart light

A Cause for Much Rejoicing

Hattie gave up naps two years ago when Adele was an infant. What a sad day that was!

But Elijah and Adele still nap faithfully, for which I rejoice. And today Hattie - when given the choice to clean or take a nap - is quietly laying in her bed.

I love this.

I've gotten a little more deep cleaning done this week. Counters really cleared off, old washi tape pulled off of the coffee table (a neglected "town" it had made), fresh and clean, and one of the best parts....

WINDOWS OPEN!!!! Hallelujah, fall is coming.

This morning cold little toes crawled in bed beside me. We pulled on sweaters to ward off the nippy air in the house. All of the sudden the sun has shifted in the sky and the light looks like fall.

I don't pretend to be a talented photographer with a keen eye for a great shot, but I like light. I like the angles of the sun in the early morning and just before dusk. I like how the sun filters through the leaves.
I think it's fascinating how the light looks different in different places.
Maybe someday I'll even get to see the Northern Lights. Who knows?

Right now, I like that the sky and sun tell of the coming autumn. And the air is beginning to crisp.

I like how the change of seasons makes me feel refreshed and ready to begin anew the traditions left dormant since last year: apple pie, chai latte, pumpkin everything, cranberries & oranges - one of my favorites. Woolen sweaters and slippers in the mornings.
And I echo Anne Shirley:

Note to self: it's high time to re-read AofGG

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

a surprising thing.

We spent the weekend in Kentucky with Emery's family.

The days were fairly full. We even spent a whole day at Holiday World. And we went on a date for our anniversary. Suffice it to say, I expected to be slam-bang exhausted when we returned.
Actually, I was already getting tired on Sunday and thought to myself, "ugh, I'm too tired to go home."

But home we went, and dear Emery drove all the way. I had a headache on the fringes most of the day, and I was thankful for the rest - as much as one can rest while driving with three little people in the back.
Hattie was so sad to be home. She cried and cried about missing Grandma and Grandpa, and how she wanted to move to Kentucky. These statements surprised me, for Hattie is always declaring she doesn't want to move or leave this house ever, ever, ever.
But that's not the surprising thing.

The surprising thing was that I was not a zombie on Tuesday. I really wasn't. I cleaned my room.
{My room gets so neglected. My closet fell apart in June, and while Emery fixed in July, I still hadn't gotten everything put back away until yesterday.}
I felt like a human. How odd.

I can't remember if I've blogged about this or not, but I feel like I have had a much more difficult time bouncing back from Elijah's birth. My iron is low, and I'm struggling to get the basics done some days. And I know I wrote about our new schedule and how great it was (and is), but I couldn't keep it up. I have to sleep later than my prescribed 6:45 because my baby is nursing often at night. And I can't remember to tell the girls to go make their beds. And I've slowed down on the pace of some of our school work (I'm so glad I can do that!!).
I feel like I tried to force myself out of survival mode before we were really ready, and I just kept getting more and more tired.
Which is why I'm so shocked that I've been functional this week. More than that, I've been getting a few deep-cleaning tasks accomplished.
I don't really know what happened. Or why, but I like it.

I LOVE that my room is clean....that I FINALLY took the pile of goodwill stuff down to the van to drop off sometime. I love that I can see the top of my dresser, rather than a homely pile of odds and ends. I even love that I unpacked the suitcases on the first day after week got back. That typically takes me a week when I haven't recently had a baby.

Whatever it is, I'm glad.
Praise the LORD!!

Oh, by the way, a good movie. "War Room". We went out to see it for our anniversary. I hadn't even heard of it until last week - though I don't hear of many movies anyway - but I was thoroughly impressed.
It's main theme was about strategic prayer for our marriages and families, and the power of prayer in our lives. It was so so good. And it didn't come with any of the cheesey acting that sometimes accompanies such movies. Go see it. Go clap at the end, and be prepared to give some "Amens" along the way. You might cry, too, I did.

Quick Trivia: what was the last movie I saw in Theaters?
"2016" in 2012.
It really wasn't a great anniversary movie either (about the potential of the Obama administration to damage America by 2016). But there's so little for Christians to choose from in theaters, I didn't mind.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Creature from the Black Yoga-Pant Lagoon

{I was reading the Pioneer Woman's blog the other day, and she was sorry for only blogging about one subject lately - her eldest going off to college - and that she ought to experienced enough to write on a variety of subjects. That right there: that thought never occurred to me. I always write about the same thing. But I guess that's part of the blessing of obscurity. She has hundreds of thousands of people reading her, and I have twelve, so you know, I can do what I want.}

We've just barely been making it today. Haven't done any chores. Took more than an hour for Adele to fall asleep for her nap. And we hardly have any edible vegetables in our fridge...though, I'm sure if I was hungry enough, I could make limp celery work and slimy mushrooms. *Note to self: clean out fridge*
So after limping through the day in such a manner, I finally mustered enough energy to shower and try to look &  feel more like a lady, rather than creature from the black yoga-pant lagoon.
I prefer to be a lady.
I ate some chocolate. Donned make-up and earrings. And dabbed some "energy" essential oil on my wrist. All right! Ready to conquer the world...or at least get my children ready and some food for church tonight (which I'd been all too willing to forego, my previous mental state).
One problem has arisen. The energy blend of oils which starts with a zesty lemon aroma, has matured into something that is more akin to 'stale church building' you know that smell? Dusty bowls of potpourri, well worn hymnals, and 30 year old carpet. Yeah, that's it. So, I'm not feeling as energetic as I'd hoped, and mostly just want to wash my arms to get away from the scent.
Nevertheless, I got out of that lagoon, and with a spoonful of determination might yet make something of this day. 

Monday, August 17, 2015


it's been a needy day around here.
{said while nursing and typing left-handed)

Adele is starting to potty train, and today i realized part of why she likes this process. she's got hattie for a good example and she's got everyone cheering for her, but when it comes down to it, the little darling gets time to talk with mama or daddy by herself. I took her potty earlier and sat in the floor while she talked a mile a minute, never wanting to be "done." I couldn't help but smile at her chatter and drink in those moments, but at the same time young Hattie was being awfully quiet with her paints in the kitchen....

when I finally went to check, I found the table soaked in paint water, and I vacillated between the children, with Adele hollering for me from the potty - though she was neither done or in any situation of need. And of course, Elijah's nap was soon ended in this scenario.
Ahh, I need three pairs of arms!
But God only gave me two arms and an opportunity for little people to exercise their patience muscles.


It's been a busy day, not In a frantic, harried way, but in full and tiring way. By 2pm, the afternoon slump hit full force, along with the fringes of a headache - brain ache - and we headed out for some vitamin D. I felt like I'd been teaching, reading, talking and listening nonstop all day. Fresh air worked wonders. I was starting to miss doing some of those Mindless chores for brain rest time.
I'm thankful for those little times of rest and refreshment since mothers don't have the luxury of "break time".

Saturday, August 15, 2015

giraffe pajamas

There's a Sweet baby sleeping clad in little giraffe pajamas....pajamas that are Rather homely on their own, but when worn by such a Cute baby. Oh my. Those feet sticking out the end are almost too much. I'd kiss em if wouldn't Risk waking the wee one.
Also, these are 9month pajamas. Elijah is only 3.5 months! My heart! This baby is growing so fast.

Elijah is giggling at us these days and is eager to sit up and move around. He woo's us with his one dimpled smile.

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that this snuggly baby will soon transform into a toddler with a full-blown sin nature showing it's true colors. It's hard to think that he won't always be cuddled up next to me just smiling at my funny faces and baby talk. He'll soon begin to display his personality, and he'll think about hard things, and one day he'll be a grown man.
But right now, in this moment, he sleeps in my arms - and I want to soak in every bit of his baby days. Because, regardless of the hard work involved, they are all too fleeting.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


My daddy - oh, he's prepared. He's got you covered whether you need to scale down a mountain side or dig a hole or start a fire or any number of things...if he's got his vehicle, he's got 200lb of stuff to help you out.

I, on the other hand, don't feel that compulsion to carry so much in the "just in case" category. I feel like I'm doing really well if I have a change of clothes for the children (and I guess I'm not doing really well most of the time, lately anyway).

BUT, I'll tell you what I am prepared for: winter!

Maybe it's just me, but hitting the consignment sales and getting all the cool weather clothes washed and packed away for a few more months gives me such a feeling of calm. Because come the first cold snap, I don't have to panic about not having a long sleeve shirt or pants for a child. Praise the Lord, it's already done and waiting for the need to arise.
That I love.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's almost over. My county is starting school tomorrow.
Man, what happened to starting school after Labor day?

Actually, I never started school after labor day, either. But it really did use to be mid-to-late august.

Anyhow...our school books were delivered last week, but we were too busy to revel in them till Sunday afternoon. And we dove in whole-heartedly on monday morning.

I am loving this. All the way around, adding school to our schedule has been perfect.
PtL and pass the books. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Part 2

I was asked what book it was that challenged and encouraged me to knuckle down and make some changes in our family...and really, I'm a little hesitant to say, partially because it wasn't a book geared toward sticking to a schedule or cutting out sugar {and partially because it was a Vision Forum book and may not be available anymore -- though I did find a few copies on Amazon}
Ten Ps in a Pod, by Arnold Pent.
It's a story about growing up in a large family, and traveling around the country almost continually with their evangelistic daddy. Mr. Pent held a firm belief that you should nourish the soul at least as much as you nourish the body, and so held family devotions for half an hour after every meal. He also required each child to have private devotions for half an hour from ages 6-11, and from 12-21, a full hour of reading/prayer before breakfast. His unwavering dedication to this brought about children who were positively steeped in the Word of God, and from such oft exposure, could quote long passages and even whole books of the bible...and that done without specific memory verse instruction.
The Pent Family also highlighted themes of hard work, regular exercise, wholesome food, and trusting in the Lord's providence.
Granted, when reading aloud to my girls, I have had to skip over some of their theological segments {the Pents being of the "getting people saved" variety of Christian, and ourselves being the "God does the saving" variety}, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.
You can read further reviews from Amazon here.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Ok. So I know that the third day after surgery is supposed to be the worst....does the same apply to the third day of starting a new schedule??
'Cause it seems like it.

For a little back-story: We had quite a bit of company last week and the weekend before. And by quite a bit, I mean there were 18 of us here. It was a ball, really, I'm not being sarcastic. I loved it. However, the exhaustion caught up with me on Saturday, and I opted not to attend the family reunion for the opportunity to rest. It made a world of difference.
Then, on Monday I read an encouraging and challenging book, and all of the sudden I felt ready to tackle several areas of our at-home life that needed some changes.

Thus Tuesday morning began with sturdy resolve to drastically reduce the sugar my family consumes. To get in some exercise. To saturate my children with the Word of God. And to make a schedule and stick to it.

It's all been great up till today, which has presented with whiny-children and a tired mama.
And then I start to second guess myself, and say "I just had a baby. What was I thinking trying to snap out of survival mode in an instant??"

But I'm tired of survival mode. It's not much fun.

And I want to be healthy. I want to be a good steward of this body that God has given me, that it could be better used in His service.

So we'll press on towards better health and following a daily schedule for the comfort of familiar routine.

 PS: I ordered our school books this week, so soon we'll be adding a little school work into our day, and we're all excited for that to begin. 

12:58 -- naptime for Adele, coming right up!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


It's been quieter than usual around here, huh? Sorry about that. I let all of June slip by unnoticed. Well, there's this gig I've been working's called "don't let the children squish the baby." It's full time position, and really, it's mostly Adele. I would have thought she might have learned more about being gentle in these last two months(!), but not so much.
How is my newborn two month old already??? That blows me away. I HAVE recently (in the last two weeks) managed to take the children shopping by myself. It may sound crazy, but I like doing the grocery shopping, and doing it with three in tow today was fairly manageable. This brings me to the subject of unloading the car after said shopping trip: I'm thankful for garages for many reasons, not the least of these is that I could nurse the seemingly starving baby while making 42 trips to the van to bring in groceries. And what a leg work-out, as our garage is in the basement!
Thank you, Lord, for giving us a garage! (it's the first we've had since we've been married - coming up on 6 years!)

I had a birthday. The girls were elated to get to have party hats and party blowers and that we really put 26 candles on my cake, for which I'd even made icing (very rare around here)...and I loved their enjoyment of the festivities. I have a book that's centered around making family traditions and memories together, and it's so much more fun to go a little overboard (dollar store style) than to always keep things sedate and as low a key as possible. A special occasion should be special. It's funny the things you learn along the way. You'd have thought I would have known that before now.

We've checked several items off of our summer bucket list already. Blueberry picking was the forerunner...even though Grandmother's bushes didn't produce much this year. We've made vanilla and gone swimming with Grandpa and enjoyed visiting with Kentucky grandparents....and this next week we'll get to check off more family visit and singing school and a family reunion.
Actually, I've called it a bucket list, but the fact is that I'm the only one who knows what is on it. I haven't shared the details with the girls because I'm afraid of setting my standards too high...because life with a newborn is unpredictable, so making moments when we can is about the best I can do. Maybe at the end of the summer, we can review all the fun things we've done. I think I can manage that.

Hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

time gets by so quickly when you have a newborn (he's a month old already!)....and when the internet it out, it makes it easier to not think about blogging.
We're learning to be a family of five. It's a bit of an adjustment because I Have more children than hands.

I'm thankful for morning sun and cheery bird-song.

I'm thankful for the gift of children, and God's refining of me as a mothers.
I was reading yesterday about how the Apostle Paul was willing to spend and be spent for the sake of the gospel...and I feel like motherhood is that way: it's Hard and taxing, physically and emotionally, but it's such a worthy endeavor.
It's worth all the spit up on your shirt, and the noise and grime of childhood because God called us to this. Because we're leaving an imprint on generations to come. Because the very best thing we can do is to pour ourselves out for our families.

You all are probably much better at all this than I am, and I'm preaching to myself here Because I need it. Because i need to be reminded that this hard work is worth it.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Oh Baby!

It's star wars day. {may the fourth be with you}

Do you remember what that means?
I'll tell you, cause you don't. It's my "due date"!

But....since I gave birth last week, it doesn't really mean much.

Elijah was born big and red. My largest baby at 8lbs 9oz. Sweet, sweet, sweet red hair.

I was slap-bang exhausted from his delivery (which is to say there wasn't anyone commenting that I didn't look like I'd just had a baby this time around), but so relieved that it was over and so glad to get to snuggle with my sweet boy.

It's a joy to be typing one-handed because of the bundle of preciousness sleeping on my chest.

SO THANKFUL FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS here who've helped with the girls and brought meals while I recuperate. What a blessing!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

I've been tired today. Exhausted, really. When I would attempt chores, I would end up sitting there in the middle of the girls' room almost unable to move with fatigue...except to say, "I'm so tired."
But thank Heaven for naps. And Curious George. If Curious George wasn't involved there wouldn't be any nap for me.

Guess who is getting nigh to 37 weeks?!? You're right!
It's always a relief to get to that full(ish) term stage. For some reason, the weeks between 24-36 are more nerve-wracking because you're going to have to spend time in the hospital, and that's scary for me. But to get into the free-and-clear, gearing up to have the baby phase - that's a welcomed thing.

This afternoon we packed the girls' overnight bag.
Whoa, We're really getting there.

Baby Brother has taken after his sisters in positioning, with his head sitting in my right hip. Before Adele was born, I'd been visiting the chiropractor and she told about how my pelvis was tilted, probably from having crossed my legs so much for so I gave it up. Difficult to do, I'll tell you. That pelvis was more comfortable at a tilt, even with adjustments, and it took me a while to get out of the habit all together, but I did. Now I sit squarely, maybe with my ankles crossed. After two years of having made that adjustment, I was really hoping this baby wouldn't get into that same position, but alas, he has. Thankfully, a visit to the chiropractor and the Webster maneuver do the job, and I've been spared c-sections. I think brother made a move this afternoon, though I'm not certain, but if he hasn't we'll be seeing our chiro next week and get this boy positioned for delivery.

For some reason, everyone thinks I'll go early - I guess I look ready to pop -and I guess I've started believing them. I usually get a pedicure at 38 weeks (it's the only time I allow myself that luxury), but I've been getting a little antsy to get to the nail salon because I don't want to miss my window of opportunity. Time will tell, won't it?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sentiment in pictures

In efforts to free up some memory on our SD card, I've been moving videos from there to the computer, and in the process going through each and giving them a real name rather than GD231.jpg (or something similarly unhelpful).
The videos on this particular card dated from 2013...when Hattie was the very same age as Adele is now. {SIGH}. Oh boy do those girls favor, and their sweet two year old mannerisms are so similar. And then there were plenty of newborn videos, and those make my mama's heart melt too. Only 5-ish more weeks until we're there again with a sweet, itty bitty baby.
There were videos with Emery's mama, and family beach days, happy little nothing-special happening videos.

Sometimes I get aggravated with the amount of pictures I feel like I ought to be taking, and also with taking videos because they use up so much memory, but MY memory is so feeble that I'm thankful to be reminded how precious these little bits of our history are. I may have taken less than a dozen pictures this year, but at least with a few gigabytes freed up, I won't be running into the "full memory card" problem when I do happen to get the camera out.

And here's a sweet TBT, of newborn Adele...little brother will probably be looking pretty similar, except dressed in blue. Soon! Yay!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sad Reality

In the midst of all this gorgeous, open-window weather, Adele has stumbled upon being very nearly two years old.
Thoroughly two years old. Are you catching my drift?

{Terrible Twos. Sigh}

I kind of hate to call it that. But at the same time, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND and relate. It is a terrible, awful phase...but when Hattie was asking why Adele was screaming, I just had to tell her that all babies have to go through a "hard time" like this before they become big kids, and that she went through it too when she was two.
It was a little hard for her to understand why Adele wouldn't just calm down and stop screaming and play with her.

And me? I kept thinking, "The windows are open. The neighbors can hear this baby screaming for 20+ minutes. CPS will be knocking soon."
The only available solution was to move her screaming fit to the bathroom. And there we sat, until the storm passed.

It's always a little discouraging when little babies hit 9-12 months and begin the rebellion...and now here we are again, a little older, a new phase - the same sin problem.

The same sin problem that's been plaguing humanity since the fall of Adam.

Thankfully, there's grace. Grace for temper tantrums. Grace for rebellion. Grace for anger and pride. Grace for all the moments that we're completely unloveable, but God never lets go.

Lord, help me to show Adele the Father's love through this hard season...and please let her pass through this phase all the way before a have a new baby to take care of too.

Friday, March 13, 2015

MARCHing On. {assorted thoughts in no particular order}

-Somehow it's nearly the middle of March.
We had a rather chilly & dismal February, but thus far, March has been pleasantly filled with warm, open-window weather. It's thoroughly refreshing to have fresh air wafting through the house. 

-The last few days, I've been reading a 1924 edition of a high school grammar text book to Adele during nap-time. Not surprisingly, this reading puts her to sleep wonderfully, but what is surprising is the engaging way it's written. I like reading it to her, and I'm challenged to improve my own writing and speaking. I don't recall any of my text books being written with such style, especially grammar/writing. 

-Freshly cleaned floors make such a difference in my mental outlook. This may be partly due to the fact that you have to have everything picked up before you can clean the floor, so that you reap the benefit of it being both clean and tidy.

-Adele enjoys playing with babies. I had let the girls have our infant tub in their room with the intention that they pretend to bathe their dolls. This week, however, we've had two sopping wet teddy bears emerge from their room. I've reclaimed that tub now.
I gave it a good scrubbing; after it dries, it will be put out of sight (out of mind!). I don't want any more teddies getting baths.

-I've told you before, I've got a prize-winning husband. My sweet man painted our dining table for me last weekend. Bright blue! It's the happiest table now. Five years ago, we stained the table; the years have been kind of hard on the thing so that it was looking rather shabby, but you wouldn't know that now! The chairs are a lighter shade of blue. It'll be just peachy when he gets it all finished up. I love that fellow. To top it off, he picked some daffodils me because I'd been yearning for a little dash of yellow to complete the scene.

-Eight weeks till baby! I can't decide if that's a dreadfully long time or if it'll fly.

-Two little girls around here will be having birthdays in that eight weeks time (one maybe directly after), making preparations for those will help the time pass more quickly, I'm sure. As the due date is so close to Hattie's birthday, I'm hoping to have her cake made ahead of time and frozen, as well as some cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast...I certainly want her to feel like she's had a special birthday, even if I have to be in bed with a newborn at the time. And should I still happen to be pregnant for her birthday, then at least there will be a few things I won't have to worry about while at my very biggest stage.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I'm sorry I'm not a more regular blogger during this season of life. Most likely, there won't be any improvement in that for a good long while, or at least, I can't imagine another baby in the mix making it any easier to be a faithful blogger.
I hope your March is filled with the wonder and joy of watching nature awaken once again, it delights me every time I see some new tree or bush blooming and bringing beauty to the landscaping that's slowly becoming green again.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shoulda, coulda...

It's one of those fateful situations when I KNOW I should be down doing chores, but alas and alack, I haven't the motivation.
I'd rather sit with my girls whilst they watch "The Little Princess" (Shirley Temple version, of course), and avoid the inevitable.

We made great strides in the getting-ready-for-baby department today. Our stores of paper towels and toilet paper and napkins are indefatigable...or you know, for a few months anyway. Emery had took the van and had it washed and vacuumed. {Hallelujah, no more beach sand! It's only been plaguing us since September.} And the car seats are all arranged nicely for so-to-be three child seats filling up the back.
These are very good things.

Emery's off at a men's meeting at church, and I suppose we'll feast on leftovers from lunch. Isn't it funny how when the daddys aren't home for dinner, there's suddenly no need to make a real dinner at all and just any old thing will do. I - for one - don't mind this fact of life at all, but I am glad that most of the time Emery IS here to have supper with us. It's so nice to be all cozy together over our evening meal.

Smiles from today:
-Hattie singing Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down. Oh! Joshua fought the battle of Jericho.... (again and again and again and again). I could keep from busting out laughing as I was singing with her and her energetic, "Oh!" starting the next verse kept cracking me up. 
-Sweet husband, delighting in buying things for his girls that make us happy - just because. 
-Adele playing with duplo; she's very persistent in getting the pieces together. In our house, it's called "Dupelo" ... cause we lived in Mississippi, I guess. 
-A bouquet of purple clovers, when admired very closely, are positively breath-taking.  They're adorning Hattie's bedroom windowsill. 

The feeling of joy begins in the action of thanksgiving. 
(quoted imperfectly, from Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A month later...

I don't love going a whole month or more between posts here on my corner on the interweb.
But, at the same time, there's life to be lived....and I don't always want to take time out of real life to document and save the memories - though I should because I have pretty much no memory in and of myself at this stage of life.
Speaking of, I'm 30 weeks into this pregnancy! Woot! If you ask people around me, they'll tell you I have a basketball inside of me - so you can use your imagination to what that looks like (because I think I've taken zero pictures with a real camera this year, and virtually zero of my pregnant self this time around).
I drank my first cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea this morning. Which was both exciting and daunting. I haven't cared for the stuff much in the past, and wasn't particularly looking forward to starting the regimen, but to my delight, it tasted palatable, and I think I shall be able to bear up for the next ten-ish weeks with it.

Last week, I had a big spurt of energy and cleaned my whole house and was feeling generally groovy. However, this week I've been dragging around like I overdid it extremely - and it's been a little discouraging. But such is life with small children and big belly.

Adele's birthday is coming up next month. I can't believe she's going to be two! A very small part of me wants to tell time to slow down, but the large part of me is saying, "Come on spring! come on baby boy!"
I got my crafty on in the last few weeks and made him a sweet little mobile. I enjoyed making Adele a mobile when I was expecting her - especially as she'd be using pretty much all of Hattie's hand-me-downs. And I loved pouring love into every stitch of Baby Boy's mobile, and matching pillow since I had a bit of fabric left over. I don't have a sewing machine, nor do I really like to sew -  and thus, I'm not all that great at it....but my imperfect efforts satisfied my need to make something just for him. And that makes me happy.

March is coming. February has been thoroughly winter, in spite of my longings for flowers and greening grass. Here's to a new month coming up quickly, and spring, and baby!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I get the emails.
Every Monday.
(I wouldn't have any idea how far along I am, if it weren't for these things.)
You're ___ weeks pregnant! ___ weeks to go!

This week: 25 weeks along, 15 to go.
Say what?

15 weeks sounds like no time at all.
It's the kind of number that makes me think, "I'd better get my act together and get ready for this baby! Today."
Actually, ever since 17 weeks to go popped up, I've been on a little higher alert at how much time until Baby arrives.

.....but then I get comments to the effect of, "Are you going to make it till May?!?" and I think to myself that I have three more months to get bigger. And then time slows back down to it's normal pace, and I keep doing my daily motherhood thing: eating my protein and drinking my water and taking a handful of supplements, and mostly taking care of home and family.

My little Hattie is a planner. Sometimes an anxiety riddled planner. We've been having the conversation frequently how we just have to live each day as it comes, and not worry about what might happen down the road because it doesn't help anyone to worry. Accordingly, living each day the best I can, as it comes, is pretty high on the priority list.
And if it weren't for those dog-gone "__weeks to go!" - I'd do a better job of it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Small thoughts.

{Small thoughts. Crammed together.}

A couple of weeks ago, I made chicken and dumplings for the very first time. I know, I'm Primitive Baptist and I'm from the south, and I hadn't been making them every week since I was born? Well, no. I think I helped make them once - mostly cutting the dough - but never on my own. As is such, I'd never attempted a gluten and dairy free version. Well, they turned out stellar. The only rub was that my rolled out and cut dumplings wouldn't come off the wax paper, and I ended up having ball shaped dumplings, rather than neat rectangles. So be it. It was comfort in a bowl.
I'm making another attempt today. I don't have quite as high of hopes because I forgot to look back at the recipes before I started, and forgot a few steps. [Pregnancy brain is in full swing!] Oh well, here's to comfort in a bowl, regardless of whether it's perfectly perfect.

Can anyone please tell me why a freshly mopped floor has such a magnetism to spills? I mean, really. There have been an excessive number of drips and drops splattered on my clean floor. I guess floors are there to be walked on and spilled on and cleaned up again.

My girls think Curious George is hilare.
And we've watched it everyday is this week. It's hard for me to resist that, "Just one more, mama?" I give in almost every time.

Do you know how glad I am for taste buds? Food has been tasting especially good here lately. Chai tea latte, grapefruit, chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes, please! All of them. {I have had all of them, in fact, not at the same time, thankfully.}

I've been watching the internet everyday lately just waiting for the winter coats and boots to be marked down into the realm of my budget. I think I'm blaming this on the baby too because Hattie's coat will probably still fit next winter, and Adele has all her hand-me-downs, and it isn't that imperative, but it FEELS like it is.
Funny how that happens.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 2015

Is it really 2015?

Such a year still sounds like a part of a sci-fi title. Except, no one lives on the moon or permanently in space or other things that folks were Sure we'd be doing by now.
I'm glad to still live on earth. The atmosphere is pleasant here.

We've had a busy few weeks in our corner of the world. In a nutshell, it's been stomach viruses punctuated by holidays.
I was sick. Christmas. Hattie got sick. New Year's Eve. Adele gets sick.
But in the midst of those, Emery and I took a weekend trip to Charleston sans children. !!!!! This was the very first time we'd left the littles for the night. Hip Hip Hooray for living near family, and for grandparents keeping the girls and knowing they were well cared for, even if Hattie did start throwing up after we left.
Thankfully, she only threw up three times and then felt better. And also thankfully, I didn't know she was ill before we left or I wouldn't have gone....and if we didn't go then, it probably would have been 18 more months after little brother is born before we'd get around to really thinking about taking another trip by ourselves.
We did have a nice trip. Charleston is lovely.

We spent our New Year's Day cleaning up and sprucing up around the house. Getting the Christmas decorations put away and pulling out our everyday mantle decorations made it feel homey around here...except for that time between having Christmas stuff boxed up and having the other decorations up when it looks forlorn and barren. When Hattie saw our mantle toward the end of the afternoon, she said it looked like our Brandon house and that she liked it. And that made me smile.
I'm afraid all the cleaning made me feel like nesting, and I pulled out the baby stuff to move it up from the basement. And I dug through a huge tote of infant clothes for half a dozen items that would be useful for a boy. And I enjoyed it. Nesting is a delightful expense of energy.
The girls having been playing 'baby' more than ever lately too. Especially Adele. With some receiving blankets and a couple of bottles, they've been in heaven...add in the baby tub and little stroller, what more could they want? :)
Sweet girls.

They also both got their hair cut this week. Sadly it seems what I cut was a large portion of their baby curls. Hattie's hair has been very straight this week, which makes her look grown up and that makes me sad. And Adele also has much straighter hair, but with still a little curl on the end that eases my pain a little.