Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I get the emails.
Every Monday.
(I wouldn't have any idea how far along I am, if it weren't for these things.)
You're ___ weeks pregnant! ___ weeks to go!

This week: 25 weeks along, 15 to go.
Say what?

15 weeks sounds like no time at all.
It's the kind of number that makes me think, "I'd better get my act together and get ready for this baby! Today."
Actually, ever since 17 weeks to go popped up, I've been on a little higher alert at how much time until Baby arrives.

.....but then I get comments to the effect of, "Are you going to make it till May?!?" and I think to myself that I have three more months to get bigger. And then time slows back down to it's normal pace, and I keep doing my daily motherhood thing: eating my protein and drinking my water and taking a handful of supplements, and mostly taking care of home and family.

My little Hattie is a planner. Sometimes an anxiety riddled planner. We've been having the conversation frequently how we just have to live each day as it comes, and not worry about what might happen down the road because it doesn't help anyone to worry. Accordingly, living each day the best I can, as it comes, is pretty high on the priority list.
And if it weren't for those dog-gone "__weeks to go!" - I'd do a better job of it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Small thoughts.

{Small thoughts. Crammed together.}

A couple of weeks ago, I made chicken and dumplings for the very first time. I know, I'm Primitive Baptist and I'm from the south, and I hadn't been making them every week since I was born? Well, no. I think I helped make them once - mostly cutting the dough - but never on my own. As is such, I'd never attempted a gluten and dairy free version. Well, they turned out stellar. The only rub was that my rolled out and cut dumplings wouldn't come off the wax paper, and I ended up having ball shaped dumplings, rather than neat rectangles. So be it. It was comfort in a bowl.
I'm making another attempt today. I don't have quite as high of hopes because I forgot to look back at the recipes before I started, and forgot a few steps. [Pregnancy brain is in full swing!] Oh well, here's to comfort in a bowl, regardless of whether it's perfectly perfect.

Can anyone please tell me why a freshly mopped floor has such a magnetism to spills? I mean, really. There have been an excessive number of drips and drops splattered on my clean floor. I guess floors are there to be walked on and spilled on and cleaned up again.

My girls think Curious George is hilare.
And we've watched it everyday is this week. It's hard for me to resist that, "Just one more, mama?" I give in almost every time.

Do you know how glad I am for taste buds? Food has been tasting especially good here lately. Chai tea latte, grapefruit, chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes, please! All of them. {I have had all of them, in fact, not at the same time, thankfully.}

I've been watching the internet everyday lately just waiting for the winter coats and boots to be marked down into the realm of my budget. I think I'm blaming this on the baby too because Hattie's coat will probably still fit next winter, and Adele has all her hand-me-downs, and it isn't that imperative, but it FEELS like it is.
Funny how that happens.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 2015

Is it really 2015?

Such a year still sounds like a part of a sci-fi title. Except, no one lives on the moon or permanently in space or other things that folks were Sure we'd be doing by now.
I'm glad to still live on earth. The atmosphere is pleasant here.

We've had a busy few weeks in our corner of the world. In a nutshell, it's been stomach viruses punctuated by holidays.
I was sick. Christmas. Hattie got sick. New Year's Eve. Adele gets sick.
But in the midst of those, Emery and I took a weekend trip to Charleston sans children. !!!!! This was the very first time we'd left the littles for the night. Hip Hip Hooray for living near family, and for grandparents keeping the girls and knowing they were well cared for, even if Hattie did start throwing up after we left.
Thankfully, she only threw up three times and then felt better. And also thankfully, I didn't know she was ill before we left or I wouldn't have gone....and if we didn't go then, it probably would have been 18 more months after little brother is born before we'd get around to really thinking about taking another trip by ourselves.
We did have a nice trip. Charleston is lovely.

We spent our New Year's Day cleaning up and sprucing up around the house. Getting the Christmas decorations put away and pulling out our everyday mantle decorations made it feel homey around here...except for that time between having Christmas stuff boxed up and having the other decorations up when it looks forlorn and barren. When Hattie saw our mantle toward the end of the afternoon, she said it looked like our Brandon house and that she liked it. And that made me smile.
I'm afraid all the cleaning made me feel like nesting, and I pulled out the baby stuff to move it up from the basement. And I dug through a huge tote of infant clothes for half a dozen items that would be useful for a boy. And I enjoyed it. Nesting is a delightful expense of energy.
The girls having been playing 'baby' more than ever lately too. Especially Adele. With some receiving blankets and a couple of bottles, they've been in heaven...add in the baby tub and little stroller, what more could they want? :)
Sweet girls.

They also both got their hair cut this week. Sadly it seems what I cut was a large portion of their baby curls. Hattie's hair has been very straight this week, which makes her look grown up and that makes me sad. And Adele also has much straighter hair, but with still a little curl on the end that eases my pain a little.