Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Small thoughts.

{Small thoughts. Crammed together.}

A couple of weeks ago, I made chicken and dumplings for the very first time. I know, I'm Primitive Baptist and I'm from the south, and I hadn't been making them every week since I was born? Well, no. I think I helped make them once - mostly cutting the dough - but never on my own. As is such, I'd never attempted a gluten and dairy free version. Well, they turned out stellar. The only rub was that my rolled out and cut dumplings wouldn't come off the wax paper, and I ended up having ball shaped dumplings, rather than neat rectangles. So be it. It was comfort in a bowl.
I'm making another attempt today. I don't have quite as high of hopes because I forgot to look back at the recipes before I started, and forgot a few steps. [Pregnancy brain is in full swing!] Oh well, here's to comfort in a bowl, regardless of whether it's perfectly perfect.

Can anyone please tell me why a freshly mopped floor has such a magnetism to spills? I mean, really. There have been an excessive number of drips and drops splattered on my clean floor. I guess floors are there to be walked on and spilled on and cleaned up again.

My girls think Curious George is hilare.
And we've watched it everyday is this week. It's hard for me to resist that, "Just one more, mama?" I give in almost every time.

Do you know how glad I am for taste buds? Food has been tasting especially good here lately. Chai tea latte, grapefruit, chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes, please! All of them. {I have had all of them, in fact, not at the same time, thankfully.}

I've been watching the internet everyday lately just waiting for the winter coats and boots to be marked down into the realm of my budget. I think I'm blaming this on the baby too because Hattie's coat will probably still fit next winter, and Adele has all her hand-me-downs, and it isn't that imperative, but it FEELS like it is.
Funny how that happens.

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