Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sad Reality

In the midst of all this gorgeous, open-window weather, Adele has stumbled upon being very nearly two years old.
Thoroughly two years old. Are you catching my drift?

{Terrible Twos. Sigh}

I kind of hate to call it that. But at the same time, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND and relate. It is a terrible, awful phase...but when Hattie was asking why Adele was screaming, I just had to tell her that all babies have to go through a "hard time" like this before they become big kids, and that she went through it too when she was two.
It was a little hard for her to understand why Adele wouldn't just calm down and stop screaming and play with her.

And me? I kept thinking, "The windows are open. The neighbors can hear this baby screaming for 20+ minutes. CPS will be knocking soon."
The only available solution was to move her screaming fit to the bathroom. And there we sat, until the storm passed.

It's always a little discouraging when little babies hit 9-12 months and begin the rebellion...and now here we are again, a little older, a new phase - the same sin problem.

The same sin problem that's been plaguing humanity since the fall of Adam.

Thankfully, there's grace. Grace for temper tantrums. Grace for rebellion. Grace for anger and pride. Grace for all the moments that we're completely unloveable, but God never lets go.

Lord, help me to show Adele the Father's love through this hard season...and please let her pass through this phase all the way before a have a new baby to take care of too.

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  1. Two years old....I'm learning it's a fun, interesting, and challenging time. I'll pray for you if you pray for me!