Friday, April 10, 2015

I've been tired today. Exhausted, really. When I would attempt chores, I would end up sitting there in the middle of the girls' room almost unable to move with fatigue...except to say, "I'm so tired."
But thank Heaven for naps. And Curious George. If Curious George wasn't involved there wouldn't be any nap for me.

Guess who is getting nigh to 37 weeks?!? You're right!
It's always a relief to get to that full(ish) term stage. For some reason, the weeks between 24-36 are more nerve-wracking because you're going to have to spend time in the hospital, and that's scary for me. But to get into the free-and-clear, gearing up to have the baby phase - that's a welcomed thing.

This afternoon we packed the girls' overnight bag.
Whoa, We're really getting there.

Baby Brother has taken after his sisters in positioning, with his head sitting in my right hip. Before Adele was born, I'd been visiting the chiropractor and she told about how my pelvis was tilted, probably from having crossed my legs so much for so I gave it up. Difficult to do, I'll tell you. That pelvis was more comfortable at a tilt, even with adjustments, and it took me a while to get out of the habit all together, but I did. Now I sit squarely, maybe with my ankles crossed. After two years of having made that adjustment, I was really hoping this baby wouldn't get into that same position, but alas, he has. Thankfully, a visit to the chiropractor and the Webster maneuver do the job, and I've been spared c-sections. I think brother made a move this afternoon, though I'm not certain, but if he hasn't we'll be seeing our chiro next week and get this boy positioned for delivery.

For some reason, everyone thinks I'll go early - I guess I look ready to pop -and I guess I've started believing them. I usually get a pedicure at 38 weeks (it's the only time I allow myself that luxury), but I've been getting a little antsy to get to the nail salon because I don't want to miss my window of opportunity. Time will tell, won't it?


  1. Praying for baby boy and all of you. Excited to see him!!

  2. Exciting! Being that exhausted is a crazy feeling! I'll be praying little boy is in a good position and it goes smoothly from now until delivery!