Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sentiment in pictures

In efforts to free up some memory on our SD card, I've been moving videos from there to the computer, and in the process going through each and giving them a real name rather than GD231.jpg (or something similarly unhelpful).
The videos on this particular card dated from 2013...when Hattie was the very same age as Adele is now. {SIGH}. Oh boy do those girls favor, and their sweet two year old mannerisms are so similar. And then there were plenty of newborn videos, and those make my mama's heart melt too. Only 5-ish more weeks until we're there again with a sweet, itty bitty baby.
There were videos with Emery's mama, and family beach days, happy little nothing-special happening videos.

Sometimes I get aggravated with the amount of pictures I feel like I ought to be taking, and also with taking videos because they use up so much memory, but MY memory is so feeble that I'm thankful to be reminded how precious these little bits of our history are. I may have taken less than a dozen pictures this year, but at least with a few gigabytes freed up, I won't be running into the "full memory card" problem when I do happen to get the camera out.

And here's a sweet TBT, of newborn Adele...little brother will probably be looking pretty similar, except dressed in blue. Soon! Yay!


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  2. Red hair is delightful

    He didn't look like his sisters after all!

    Love Karla :)