Thursday, July 2, 2015


It's been quieter than usual around here, huh? Sorry about that. I let all of June slip by unnoticed. Well, there's this gig I've been working's called "don't let the children squish the baby." It's full time position, and really, it's mostly Adele. I would have thought she might have learned more about being gentle in these last two months(!), but not so much.
How is my newborn two month old already??? That blows me away. I HAVE recently (in the last two weeks) managed to take the children shopping by myself. It may sound crazy, but I like doing the grocery shopping, and doing it with three in tow today was fairly manageable. This brings me to the subject of unloading the car after said shopping trip: I'm thankful for garages for many reasons, not the least of these is that I could nurse the seemingly starving baby while making 42 trips to the van to bring in groceries. And what a leg work-out, as our garage is in the basement!
Thank you, Lord, for giving us a garage! (it's the first we've had since we've been married - coming up on 6 years!)

I had a birthday. The girls were elated to get to have party hats and party blowers and that we really put 26 candles on my cake, for which I'd even made icing (very rare around here)...and I loved their enjoyment of the festivities. I have a book that's centered around making family traditions and memories together, and it's so much more fun to go a little overboard (dollar store style) than to always keep things sedate and as low a key as possible. A special occasion should be special. It's funny the things you learn along the way. You'd have thought I would have known that before now.

We've checked several items off of our summer bucket list already. Blueberry picking was the forerunner...even though Grandmother's bushes didn't produce much this year. We've made vanilla and gone swimming with Grandpa and enjoyed visiting with Kentucky grandparents....and this next week we'll get to check off more family visit and singing school and a family reunion.
Actually, I've called it a bucket list, but the fact is that I'm the only one who knows what is on it. I haven't shared the details with the girls because I'm afraid of setting my standards too high...because life with a newborn is unpredictable, so making moments when we can is about the best I can do. Maybe at the end of the summer, we can review all the fun things we've done. I think I can manage that.

Hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!

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  1. Happy late birthday! Miss you all so much! Love you!