Saturday, July 18, 2015

Part 2

I was asked what book it was that challenged and encouraged me to knuckle down and make some changes in our family...and really, I'm a little hesitant to say, partially because it wasn't a book geared toward sticking to a schedule or cutting out sugar {and partially because it was a Vision Forum book and may not be available anymore -- though I did find a few copies on Amazon}
Ten Ps in a Pod, by Arnold Pent.
It's a story about growing up in a large family, and traveling around the country almost continually with their evangelistic daddy. Mr. Pent held a firm belief that you should nourish the soul at least as much as you nourish the body, and so held family devotions for half an hour after every meal. He also required each child to have private devotions for half an hour from ages 6-11, and from 12-21, a full hour of reading/prayer before breakfast. His unwavering dedication to this brought about children who were positively steeped in the Word of God, and from such oft exposure, could quote long passages and even whole books of the bible...and that done without specific memory verse instruction.
The Pent Family also highlighted themes of hard work, regular exercise, wholesome food, and trusting in the Lord's providence.
Granted, when reading aloud to my girls, I have had to skip over some of their theological segments {the Pents being of the "getting people saved" variety of Christian, and ourselves being the "God does the saving" variety}, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.
You can read further reviews from Amazon here.

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