Friday, July 17, 2015


Ok. So I know that the third day after surgery is supposed to be the worst....does the same apply to the third day of starting a new schedule??
'Cause it seems like it.

For a little back-story: We had quite a bit of company last week and the weekend before. And by quite a bit, I mean there were 18 of us here. It was a ball, really, I'm not being sarcastic. I loved it. However, the exhaustion caught up with me on Saturday, and I opted not to attend the family reunion for the opportunity to rest. It made a world of difference.
Then, on Monday I read an encouraging and challenging book, and all of the sudden I felt ready to tackle several areas of our at-home life that needed some changes.

Thus Tuesday morning began with sturdy resolve to drastically reduce the sugar my family consumes. To get in some exercise. To saturate my children with the Word of God. And to make a schedule and stick to it.

It's all been great up till today, which has presented with whiny-children and a tired mama.
And then I start to second guess myself, and say "I just had a baby. What was I thinking trying to snap out of survival mode in an instant??"

But I'm tired of survival mode. It's not much fun.

And I want to be healthy. I want to be a good steward of this body that God has given me, that it could be better used in His service.

So we'll press on towards better health and following a daily schedule for the comfort of familiar routine.

 PS: I ordered our school books this week, so soon we'll be adding a little school work into our day, and we're all excited for that to begin. 

12:58 -- naptime for Adele, coming right up!

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  1. So what was the book? I need to get motivated to snap out of survival mode even though my babies were born nine months ago! Via surgery, although I can't remember if the third day was the worst. I'm really good at writing schedules and really bad at executing them. I hope yours works out for you! (And to be honest, I'm hoping my own, the latest one written, comes to life also!)

    In case the use of "babies" in plural with a singular age, didn't give me away, this is Kathryn. :-)