Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Creature from the Black Yoga-Pant Lagoon

{I was reading the Pioneer Woman's blog the other day, and she was sorry for only blogging about one subject lately - her eldest going off to college - and that she ought to experienced enough to write on a variety of subjects. That right there: that thought never occurred to me. I always write about the same thing. But I guess that's part of the blessing of obscurity. She has hundreds of thousands of people reading her, and I have twelve, so you know, I can do what I want.}

We've just barely been making it today. Haven't done any chores. Took more than an hour for Adele to fall asleep for her nap. And we hardly have any edible vegetables in our fridge...though, I'm sure if I was hungry enough, I could make limp celery work and slimy mushrooms. *Note to self: clean out fridge*
So after limping through the day in such a manner, I finally mustered enough energy to shower and try to look &  feel more like a lady, rather than creature from the black yoga-pant lagoon.
I prefer to be a lady.
I ate some chocolate. Donned make-up and earrings. And dabbed some "energy" essential oil on my wrist. All right! Ready to conquer the world...or at least get my children ready and some food for church tonight (which I'd been all too willing to forego, my previous mental state).
One problem has arisen. The energy blend of oils which starts with a zesty lemon aroma, has matured into something that is more akin to 'stale church building' you know that smell? Dusty bowls of potpourri, well worn hymnals, and 30 year old carpet. Yeah, that's it. So, I'm not feeling as energetic as I'd hoped, and mostly just want to wash my arms to get away from the scent.
Nevertheless, I got out of that lagoon, and with a spoonful of determination might yet make something of this day. 

Monday, August 17, 2015


it's been a needy day around here.
{said while nursing and typing left-handed)

Adele is starting to potty train, and today i realized part of why she likes this process. she's got hattie for a good example and she's got everyone cheering for her, but when it comes down to it, the little darling gets time to talk with mama or daddy by herself. I took her potty earlier and sat in the floor while she talked a mile a minute, never wanting to be "done." I couldn't help but smile at her chatter and drink in those moments, but at the same time young Hattie was being awfully quiet with her paints in the kitchen....

when I finally went to check, I found the table soaked in paint water, and I vacillated between the children, with Adele hollering for me from the potty - though she was neither done or in any situation of need. And of course, Elijah's nap was soon ended in this scenario.
Ahh, I need three pairs of arms!
But God only gave me two arms and an opportunity for little people to exercise their patience muscles.


It's been a busy day, not In a frantic, harried way, but in full and tiring way. By 2pm, the afternoon slump hit full force, along with the fringes of a headache - brain ache - and we headed out for some vitamin D. I felt like I'd been teaching, reading, talking and listening nonstop all day. Fresh air worked wonders. I was starting to miss doing some of those Mindless chores for brain rest time.
I'm thankful for those little times of rest and refreshment since mothers don't have the luxury of "break time".

Saturday, August 15, 2015

giraffe pajamas

There's a Sweet baby sleeping clad in little giraffe pajamas....pajamas that are Rather homely on their own, but when worn by such a Cute baby. Oh my. Those feet sticking out the end are almost too much. I'd kiss em if wouldn't Risk waking the wee one.
Also, these are 9month pajamas. Elijah is only 3.5 months! My heart! This baby is growing so fast.

Elijah is giggling at us these days and is eager to sit up and move around. He woo's us with his one dimpled smile.

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that this snuggly baby will soon transform into a toddler with a full-blown sin nature showing it's true colors. It's hard to think that he won't always be cuddled up next to me just smiling at my funny faces and baby talk. He'll soon begin to display his personality, and he'll think about hard things, and one day he'll be a grown man.
But right now, in this moment, he sleeps in my arms - and I want to soak in every bit of his baby days. Because, regardless of the hard work involved, they are all too fleeting.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


My daddy - oh, he's prepared. He's got you covered whether you need to scale down a mountain side or dig a hole or start a fire or any number of things...if he's got his vehicle, he's got 200lb of stuff to help you out.

I, on the other hand, don't feel that compulsion to carry so much in the "just in case" category. I feel like I'm doing really well if I have a change of clothes for the children (and I guess I'm not doing really well most of the time, lately anyway).

BUT, I'll tell you what I am prepared for: winter!

Maybe it's just me, but hitting the consignment sales and getting all the cool weather clothes washed and packed away for a few more months gives me such a feeling of calm. Because come the first cold snap, I don't have to panic about not having a long sleeve shirt or pants for a child. Praise the Lord, it's already done and waiting for the need to arise.
That I love.