Monday, August 17, 2015


it's been a needy day around here.
{said while nursing and typing left-handed)

Adele is starting to potty train, and today i realized part of why she likes this process. she's got hattie for a good example and she's got everyone cheering for her, but when it comes down to it, the little darling gets time to talk with mama or daddy by herself. I took her potty earlier and sat in the floor while she talked a mile a minute, never wanting to be "done." I couldn't help but smile at her chatter and drink in those moments, but at the same time young Hattie was being awfully quiet with her paints in the kitchen....

when I finally went to check, I found the table soaked in paint water, and I vacillated between the children, with Adele hollering for me from the potty - though she was neither done or in any situation of need. And of course, Elijah's nap was soon ended in this scenario.
Ahh, I need three pairs of arms!
But God only gave me two arms and an opportunity for little people to exercise their patience muscles.


It's been a busy day, not In a frantic, harried way, but in full and tiring way. By 2pm, the afternoon slump hit full force, along with the fringes of a headache - brain ache - and we headed out for some vitamin D. I felt like I'd been teaching, reading, talking and listening nonstop all day. Fresh air worked wonders. I was starting to miss doing some of those Mindless chores for brain rest time.
I'm thankful for those little times of rest and refreshment since mothers don't have the luxury of "break time".

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