Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Creature from the Black Yoga-Pant Lagoon

{I was reading the Pioneer Woman's blog the other day, and she was sorry for only blogging about one subject lately - her eldest going off to college - and that she ought to experienced enough to write on a variety of subjects. That right there: that thought never occurred to me. I always write about the same thing. But I guess that's part of the blessing of obscurity. She has hundreds of thousands of people reading her, and I have twelve, so you know, I can do what I want.}

We've just barely been making it today. Haven't done any chores. Took more than an hour for Adele to fall asleep for her nap. And we hardly have any edible vegetables in our fridge...though, I'm sure if I was hungry enough, I could make limp celery work and slimy mushrooms. *Note to self: clean out fridge*
So after limping through the day in such a manner, I finally mustered enough energy to shower and try to look &  feel more like a lady, rather than creature from the black yoga-pant lagoon.
I prefer to be a lady.
I ate some chocolate. Donned make-up and earrings. And dabbed some "energy" essential oil on my wrist. All right! Ready to conquer the world...or at least get my children ready and some food for church tonight (which I'd been all too willing to forego, my previous mental state).
One problem has arisen. The energy blend of oils which starts with a zesty lemon aroma, has matured into something that is more akin to 'stale church building' you know that smell? Dusty bowls of potpourri, well worn hymnals, and 30 year old carpet. Yeah, that's it. So, I'm not feeling as energetic as I'd hoped, and mostly just want to wash my arms to get away from the scent.
Nevertheless, I got out of that lagoon, and with a spoonful of determination might yet make something of this day. 

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