Monday, September 14, 2015

A Cause for Much Rejoicing

Hattie gave up naps two years ago when Adele was an infant. What a sad day that was!

But Elijah and Adele still nap faithfully, for which I rejoice. And today Hattie - when given the choice to clean or take a nap - is quietly laying in her bed.

I love this.

I've gotten a little more deep cleaning done this week. Counters really cleared off, old washi tape pulled off of the coffee table (a neglected "town" it had made), fresh and clean, and one of the best parts....

WINDOWS OPEN!!!! Hallelujah, fall is coming.

This morning cold little toes crawled in bed beside me. We pulled on sweaters to ward off the nippy air in the house. All of the sudden the sun has shifted in the sky and the light looks like fall.

I don't pretend to be a talented photographer with a keen eye for a great shot, but I like light. I like the angles of the sun in the early morning and just before dusk. I like how the sun filters through the leaves.
I think it's fascinating how the light looks different in different places.
Maybe someday I'll even get to see the Northern Lights. Who knows?

Right now, I like that the sky and sun tell of the coming autumn. And the air is beginning to crisp.

I like how the change of seasons makes me feel refreshed and ready to begin anew the traditions left dormant since last year: apple pie, chai latte, pumpkin everything, cranberries & oranges - one of my favorites. Woolen sweaters and slippers in the mornings.
And I echo Anne Shirley:

Note to self: it's high time to re-read AofGG

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