Monday, September 21, 2015

a few things

-I finally got around to making a new (and hopefully more realistic) schedule. The highlight is that I scheduled sleeping later, and that makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing...nursing the baby often during the night and sleeping in a bit are OKAY at this stage of life.

-I got out our fall decorations last week. I went to Michael's thinking I'd get some inspiration, but all I found was that I already had the things I would have wanted to buy. So I just went home and dug out my fall decor box. I'm not quite ready for pumpkin spice everything, but my couple of pumpkins are adorning the mantle.

-For whatever reason, I feel like my sentence structure (syntax?) is kind of wonky today. Sorry if it's struggle to get through this post.

-I'm trying to making ranch chicken pasta. I just came up with it...or so I thought, but of course there are recipes all over the interweb. Nevertheless, I promptly paid them little heed and started out. Homemade mayo-based ranch, half a jar spaghetti sauce (that was leftover from another recipe), and boiled chicken. And then I added a touch of cayenne, and I think I may have stumbled upon buffalo chicken pasta. This may not be a bad thing. It's TBD. With Elijah being very much a babe in arms, I feel like I have make dinner when I have the I started getting things going at 4:30, knowing full well that Emery is rarely home before 6:30. But for the sake of sanity, it seems thoroughly worth it to let the sauce simmer a long while than to have crying baby wriggling from out of his bumbo seat while trying to be creative and efficient.

-Fall starts this week! It's going to be cool this coming weekend, so they say, and I'm eager for sweater weather.

-My Pawpaw passed away a year ago in July. Today would have been his 85th birthday.

Oh, I read Anne of Green Gables like I said I ought. And it was a delight. I don't have hard copies of the other books in the series and thought I might listen to the audio book, but I was quickly reminded that audio books are for people who already have some quiet time in their hands. I don't fall into that category. There are three little people who prevent me from having that thing called quiet. But that's quite alright because we're raising children, not gerbils, and noise (and dirt) go hand-in-hand with child rearing, and IT IS WORTH IT.

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  1. Your new pasta recipe sounds divine! Wish I was there to have some. And wish I was there to love on those babies! Miss you all!