Wednesday, September 9, 2015

a surprising thing.

We spent the weekend in Kentucky with Emery's family.

The days were fairly full. We even spent a whole day at Holiday World. And we went on a date for our anniversary. Suffice it to say, I expected to be slam-bang exhausted when we returned.
Actually, I was already getting tired on Sunday and thought to myself, "ugh, I'm too tired to go home."

But home we went, and dear Emery drove all the way. I had a headache on the fringes most of the day, and I was thankful for the rest - as much as one can rest while driving with three little people in the back.
Hattie was so sad to be home. She cried and cried about missing Grandma and Grandpa, and how she wanted to move to Kentucky. These statements surprised me, for Hattie is always declaring she doesn't want to move or leave this house ever, ever, ever.
But that's not the surprising thing.

The surprising thing was that I was not a zombie on Tuesday. I really wasn't. I cleaned my room.
{My room gets so neglected. My closet fell apart in June, and while Emery fixed in July, I still hadn't gotten everything put back away until yesterday.}
I felt like a human. How odd.

I can't remember if I've blogged about this or not, but I feel like I have had a much more difficult time bouncing back from Elijah's birth. My iron is low, and I'm struggling to get the basics done some days. And I know I wrote about our new schedule and how great it was (and is), but I couldn't keep it up. I have to sleep later than my prescribed 6:45 because my baby is nursing often at night. And I can't remember to tell the girls to go make their beds. And I've slowed down on the pace of some of our school work (I'm so glad I can do that!!).
I feel like I tried to force myself out of survival mode before we were really ready, and I just kept getting more and more tired.
Which is why I'm so shocked that I've been functional this week. More than that, I've been getting a few deep-cleaning tasks accomplished.
I don't really know what happened. Or why, but I like it.

I LOVE that my room is clean....that I FINALLY took the pile of goodwill stuff down to the van to drop off sometime. I love that I can see the top of my dresser, rather than a homely pile of odds and ends. I even love that I unpacked the suitcases on the first day after week got back. That typically takes me a week when I haven't recently had a baby.

Whatever it is, I'm glad.
Praise the LORD!!

Oh, by the way, a good movie. "War Room". We went out to see it for our anniversary. I hadn't even heard of it until last week - though I don't hear of many movies anyway - but I was thoroughly impressed.
It's main theme was about strategic prayer for our marriages and families, and the power of prayer in our lives. It was so so good. And it didn't come with any of the cheesey acting that sometimes accompanies such movies. Go see it. Go clap at the end, and be prepared to give some "Amens" along the way. You might cry, too, I did.

Quick Trivia: what was the last movie I saw in Theaters?
"2016" in 2012.
It really wasn't a great anniversary movie either (about the potential of the Obama administration to damage America by 2016). But there's so little for Christians to choose from in theaters, I didn't mind.

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