Friday, September 25, 2015

Mind Over Matter

So much of life falls into the category of "mind over matter"...or when I think of my grandmother, it translates into back-your-ear-edness (not that she actually says that, but she has such strength of character and determination, she just gets. things. done.)

Anywho, I was reminded tonight about being mentally prepared for things, and how it makes such a difference in the state of my heart.

For example, when I know Emery will be away on work for a few days, we get through it. I might plan a few extra activities (ahem: distractions), but we'll get through, eagerly awaiting his expected arrival.
BUT, when the dear man has to work late unexpectedly with no estimated time of arrival - oh man, watch out! It's going to be rough at my house.
This happened tonight, so I know.

Dinner was nearly ready when I called to see how close he was {to home}. I could tell right away he hadn't left yet - the lack of road noise during the call. And we spiraled down hill from there.
Hattie was threatened with being sent to her room for the rest of the night if she offered another complaint over dinner (or the position of dinner or how she didn't want such and such). And Adele broke a bead necklace with 153 beads scattered over the carpet, necessitating a vacuuming that I hadn't planned into our bedtime schedule. And the over squeezed tooth paste and the cries for a properly positioned blanket and pleas for a last drink of water.....aye aye aye, they wore me down tonight.
And All because Emery didn't tell me he'd be home late.

Haha, NO. I'm not blaming this evening on him. It's my fault for not dealing well. But mental preparedness goes a long well toward dealing better.

I have a convicting quotation on my fridge: "The state of your heart is the state of your home."




My heart has been a grump...which has been evidencing itself in harsh words to my little children, who are just being children. And I'm setting the example for them! Eek, I need a memory eraser.

I"m thankful HIS mercies are new every morning, and I get another opportunity (Lord willing) to impress upon their minds and hearts kind words and loving deeds, to show them the love of Christ -- rather than the wrath of mama.

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