Saturday, September 26, 2015


It's felt like Seattle here lately.

Clouds and rain for the last week.

Actually, I've never been to Seattle. But I have been to Portland, and I imagine the weather is fairly similar. We spent two weeks in Portland on business before Hattie was born. It was cold and drizzly (in mid-September), and I hadn't packed appropriately, and the sun seemed to come out right around dusk, and I thought to myself, "Self, this is not a place you want to live. You need more sunshine."
And I'm right. I do.

But I was thinking this morning, that if we did happen to live in a place where it rained 9 months of the year, we'd just get used to it. We'd buy good rain gear and go tromping out anyway because life is still to be lived - rainy or not.

Thankfully though, we have a good amount of Sunshine here in the Southeast. The spurts of rainy seasons come once in a while, and I relish them.

Somehow days of gray and mist and rain cleanse and refresh my mind and heart.
They invite me to slow down, read more, drink mugs of steamy beverages. To write letters, to have the house smelling of vanilla, to curl up and soak in the rain-drenched world outside my windows.

We'll gladly embrace the sun when she shines again, maybe in October, but to day and the five-day forecast speak of clouds and drizzle--a welcome change from the glare and heat of summer so recently folded up and put into the drawer for next year.

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