Friday, October 23, 2015


I've gotten back on pintrest lately.
The house we put an offer in on needs some TLC: new floors, paint, & general touch-ups.  So I've been getting the little wheels in my head spinning with ideas for how to fix the place up nicely.
I admit this has been an enjoyable time-black hole. But I'll also admit that dreaming about this house has gotten me rather attached. I'll be sad if we don't get it.

Oh well.
It's so charming to think of making a home just as I'd like it.
We've always been renters and never had such a luxury.
Lord willing, we'll have a happy little house that we'll get to transform into a happy little Sayre home.

In all the pintresting, I had an epiphany: laundry rooms should be painted the color of lint.
I didn't find that on pintrest! But I think it's genius.

There's also this thing about pintrest...all those beautiful pictures...everything so that never needed an update being upgraded a zillion times over....
well it's almost like perfection is the standard. I almost wish someone would make a pintrest for things that are" pretty but imperfect" or "good enough." because we're all works in progress, every part of our lives have rough edges and we'll never be pintrest perfect.

As an aside: Little Elijah has lost his newborn scent and smells like a little boy now. Sweaty little boy that I love!

Monday, October 19, 2015


We've been house-hunting for (an eternity? a month? 14 years? I don't really know).
Anywho, this time around we're under time constraints to figure out what will be done and we're looking and looking and looking and seemingly coming up empty-handed or with turned down offers. The rub is the emotional attachment one begins to feel to houses that might become home. I start to plan paint colors, furniture arrangement and then when we get that "no" -- it's like erasing the chalk board after having filled it up with thoughts and dreams. {Actually, I'm against chalk boards. The chalk makes entirely too much noise for my poor ears. Gives me chills just to think about chalk squeaking. I'm a dry-erase girl all the way.}
But we're resilient, right? Of course, right.

In other news....

Hattie has gone off on a day trip to the mountains with my parents and her cousin. I'm sure they're having a swell time. The excitement was running high when they left yesterday.  I was a little apprehensive about not having Hattie here to play with Adele. The thought "How am I going to get anything done?!?" may have entered my head. But it's been lovely to spend the day Adele (and Elijah, but he doesn't really compete for attention yet). She's such a fun little girl, especially without anyone here with whom to fight.
I asked Adele what special treat she might like from Target this morning. She replied "super giant socks" -- this means Captain America socks, not extra large socks. Well, they didn't have such themed socks, but she was happy with a nice set of little boy socks. She's in a rather boy-ish phase lately, to which I'll indulge her on some points. She does have to wear dresses to church, but she can absolutely use a Captain America toothbrush or pick out socks that aren't pink.

Also a reason for celebration: we're almost past Halloween. I'm not keen on the spiderwebs and all the other icky decorations, especially in the stores. I'm thoroughly ready for us to move on towards Thanksgiving. Besides, my pilgrims are just itching to assume a place of honor in our home's decorations.
Hattie is anxious for us to make a pumpkin pie straight from the pumpkin. I am not sure how involved a process this is going to be, but we'll try!

Here's to reddening maple boughs and crisp air and the smell of the furnace kicking on for the first time...Fall!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mopping confession

Right out with it: I didn't mop the whole month of September.

I know you've fallen off your chair in aghast surprise. Go ahead and get back up, I'll wait.

It's not that I didn't notice the spots....because practically every time the sun shined on the floor, I'd see the marks that Pine Sol would improve so much,

but but but

we spill a lot.

a lot of wiping up happens. if it's juice, I'll spray the floor with cleaner.
Somehow real mopping just wasn't worth it last month.

I started October on a better foot.
I vigorously applied the mop to my floors.

the result: I broke the mop.
a swifter-type deal with spray bottle built in and a swivel head...the swivel is where it failed. 
Undaunted, I took the cleaner pad and kept on by hand. It's a little frustrating that it was easier than the unbroken way: squeezing of the trigger fifty-bazillion times.

I spilled the solution bottle. and little foot prints kept dancing across my wet floor, but I cleaned the more than three feet of the floor. Hallelujah.

In an unusual burst of mental awareness, I even mopped after 3 crafts  (cinnamon ornaments/sachets, leaf rubbings, and pretzel shaped bird seed feeders)were fulfilled. It would have been terribly typical of me to mop in the morning and then have ruinous craft results.
Except that I have been doing a miserable job in being crafty with the girls, so it wouldn't be that typical.