Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mopping confession

Right out with it: I didn't mop the whole month of September.

I know you've fallen off your chair in aghast surprise. Go ahead and get back up, I'll wait.

It's not that I didn't notice the spots....because practically every time the sun shined on the floor, I'd see the marks that Pine Sol would improve so much,

but but but

we spill a lot.

a lot of wiping up happens. if it's juice, I'll spray the floor with cleaner.
Somehow real mopping just wasn't worth it last month.

I started October on a better foot.
I vigorously applied the mop to my floors.

the result: I broke the mop.
a swifter-type deal with spray bottle built in and a swivel head...the swivel is where it failed. 
Undaunted, I took the cleaner pad and kept on by hand. It's a little frustrating that it was easier than the unbroken way: squeezing of the trigger fifty-bazillion times.

I spilled the solution bottle. and little foot prints kept dancing across my wet floor, but I cleaned the more than three feet of the floor. Hallelujah.

In an unusual burst of mental awareness, I even mopped after 3 crafts  (cinnamon ornaments/sachets, leaf rubbings, and pretzel shaped bird seed feeders)were fulfilled. It would have been terribly typical of me to mop in the morning and then have ruinous craft results.
Except that I have been doing a miserable job in being crafty with the girls, so it wouldn't be that typical.

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