Sunday, November 15, 2015

Church family.

We've had a solid week of sickness.
The germs percolating through every family member. Emery has come out the least scathed. The rest of us are still keeping the tissue companies' profits in the red.
Elijah has perfected his "don't wipe my nose!" wiggle. 

It's been a long week as you may imagine.

But, let's take a moment to recognize and thank the God in heaven that we were NOT dealing with the stomach virus. Hallelujah! There was no vomit this week, and for this I am very grateful.

We're 3x a week church people, and for me to miss two Sundays in a row feels like I'm living in an alternate universe. I'm a "mark the passage of time by church services" kind of girl -- this stuff throws me off thoroughly.  I sure hope we're all healthy enough to join in on the Thanksgiving Dinner this Wednesday night.

It's tradition, see? The Wednesday the week before Thanksgiving is always our dinner at church. Well, we have dinner at church every Wednesday, but this one's Thanksgiving style. I love it. The table is always filled to max capacity with homey fixings, and everyone shares the things that they're thankful for this year.
It's a very loving time.
Little children might be dressed as pilgrims and sing a song or recite a verse. And we'll probably all join hands and pray. Because that's how we roll. We're a church family with a heavy emphasis on the family part.

When I was a teenager, I thought thought I certainly wouldn't be still at Shoal Creek down the road, and I was gone to another state for half a dozen years, but here I am, again. With husband and little ones, and as happy as a clam to be here. With family.

{Let me add, that I have loved every church I've been a part of over the years. And I miss the dear ones in Maryland, Mississippi, and Tennessee, but there's an extra special blessing in raising my children in the same church where I was raised.}


  1. This is such a soul warming post! Love you!

  2. And we are so blessed y'all are here!!! Love you! Hope y'all are feeling better soon!