Saturday, November 7, 2015

I ought to be...

There are a great many things I ought to be doing, but right now I'm choosing to hold this freshly-bathed, sleeping baby and write with you a while.

We're under contract on a house now. It's scary and exciting, for me anyway. We've been so adventurous heretofore moving hither and yon. And while it's tiring, it's also a bit thrilling. Buying a house means - at least in theory - we have settled and put down roots...and I haven't been certain that was what I completely wanted. {After all, with friends moving to ALASKA! I admit I've been a little jeally of such an adventure}

Buying a home isn't shunning adventure, I tell myself, but it changes the face of it.
We've found a lovely little house. The thought of finally having our own place and picking out curtains and rugs, these things feel very cozy and inviting. A comfortable feeling, indeed.

Would you like a random tidbit? Good.
In all our house-hunting these last few months, we looked at only one house with five digits in the house number.
Why does that matter, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.
I don't like for a home to have five digits in the address. I can't tell you why precisely, but any number of digits less than five is MUCH more favorable in my opinion.
I've always preferred even numbers too. {Just generally, not as related to "housing"} And if it's left versus right, I always hope for right to win.
So there. Eccentricities Abound.

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