Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Musings

It's funny how your plans for the day can fly out the window, mine did.

I only had two things on my list: make Emery some doughnuts for his birthday and pack.
But thow-up brought a screeching halt to any productivity that I might have imagined.

My girls really didn't get sick while they were still nursing. Maybe a runny nose once or twice, but as long as I breastfed them, they were healthy little ones. Elijah is, of course, all boy. And different. He's been sick-ish for two weeks, and started throwing up today.
Babies can't make it to the potty, you know, so you can guess who was the recipient of the vomit.

But, I think - happily - that it is not the stomach virus, just congestion and teething, and for this I am very thankful. For a bit, I thought maybe I ought to call someone to pick up the girls because I didn't want them to catch another virus...but then we were all potentially exposed yesterday....and I don't want to get anyone else sick...and Granana is busy working on remodeling projects, so she can't come....What to do??!?

Thank the Lord, he stopped throwing up. I got a shower and he a bath, ran a load of icky laundry, and made dinner. But no packing or doughnuts.
I might just have to buy some doughnuts. I don't deep fry things. It seems too risky and too much oil usage to justify, and I don't have a doughnut pan, so baking them is kind of out too, but I was going to try, somehow.
The packing must be done tomorrow, and I'm thankful that my mountain of laundry is a clean mountain. We can't find anything in it, but if we really really tried, we could. It is worth quite a lot to have a clean pile of clothes rather than heaps of dirty ones.

Emery's working late tonight on a big project. Somehow when he's not here, I feel complete liberty in feeding the children at 5pm and putting them to bed by 6:30 or 7pm. I mean, it's dark outside, why not?
I do like for them all to have time with Emery in the evenings, and usually, bed time is 8, but I don't see any reason for prolonging the inevitable if Daddy isn't here.
I'll tell you one problem with this scenario, eating at 5 and Not getting to sleep by 9 means you need a snack to be able to get to sleep at all. [In other words, I'm hungry, and I'm tempted to eat some of the leftover icing. It might be worth brushing my teeth again.

Late last week, we went to the library for the first time this month. We'd gotten into going every week or more, so it was fresh and exciting and I had a pile of books on hold that were ready to pick up. I'm always surprised at which books become favorites for a week or so. And more than that, the girls would rather hear the ones I've read for times over than to read ones we haven't gotten around to at all. This week's favorites include: Harry and Mudge, the Garbage Barge, and Ollie the Other Reindeer....all of which were chosen via the random grab off the shelf method. Ahem, none of the ones I had reserved have made the cut so far, but then again we haven't read them yet. Time will tell, and probably Ollie the other Reindeer will be the reigning champ anyway.

One more: it hit me a little while ago, there will be no holiday mashed potatoes on my plate this week. Dairy is the culprit. And the holiday potatoes with the cream cheese and pools of butter. Well, I'm just not going to think about it. But, man, are they good. I'll have to pick a relative to live vicariously through as they eat theirs.
We aren't poor, pitiful allergy sufferers this season. I've made us a dose of festive at two dinners already. Dressing, cranberries, carrot cake, and sweet potatoes were all scrumptious, and I'm sure we're the better for not hoarding down all the goodness in one setting. So come Thursday, our plates might we a bit more sparse than others, but that's quite alright for we haven't been much deprived.

One more part 2: My heart goes out to those that are hurting right now. I know in our circle, four have passed in the last week or so, and in our family there are anniversaries of loved ones gone. I'm thankful for our heavenly Father who binds up the broken-hearted and comfort the comfortless. May He give each of you peace.

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