Saturday, January 2, 2016


I guess I was in a little funk the other day. The next day was better, and I did make a handful of goals for the new year. {It seems to always happen that I do exactly what I blog about not intending to do.}

I am tired. No doubt about that.
And I know myself well enough that making goals of x, y, and z that I will do every day isn't going to work out well.
But I can make big goals that will take time and effort, and realistically achieve them. Things like potty training and weaning...I'm not getting serious about either of them today, but down the road - in the spring and fall probably - I'll be working at each. Of course, my 8 month old surely isn't ready to wean -- the boy is not interested in food a bit-- all in good time. Adele probably could be well on her way to potty trained, but alas, we all fell sick two months ago (when I'd just barely started), and I can't remember the last time she's gone potty now...that's my spring goal.

I'm also hoping to make headway with Hattie's reading skills, and attempt having a quarterly date night.
I know. Some people have date nights every week or every month, and I think it's fab, but we just can't swing that in this season of life. And maybe maybe maybe if we pencil in the dates on the calendar, maybe we won't wake up realizing it's been 6 months since we have had a night out. Quarterly dates I think we can do. :)


We all worked hard at getting our old house spic'n'span to turn over the keys soon. How is it the last load of leftover junk is enough to fill two vehicles? Ugh. I think I need to get more serious about clearing out the clutter. That or put plywood in the attic so we can use the storage space. Probably both. I think I'm the only one in the family who breathes easier when the chaos of clutter is tamed.

But our new house is so nice and not too big.
Big houses make for lots of maintenance; our old one was great for hosting company, but too much house for just us. And too much to clean!

It's also nice to be homeowners and in charge of our space for a change, liberating and refreshing after so many years of renting. Coming home to our house is just a delight.


I'm excited for 2016. I hope you are as well for the bright prospect of days ahead.

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