Saturday, January 23, 2016


So we bought a house, right? And we had the normal-ish 30 days between accepted offer and closing...and I spend those 30 days thinking up the best way to arrange our furniture in our new house.
Okay, so that's not all I did. But it was on my mind. I wanted to get it right when the people helping us move set the furniture down. (btw, BIG thanks to everyone who helped up move!!)

And yet, despite knowing a good bit beforehand, I just guessed wrong on some of it. Because living with things everyday gives you a better feel than a virtual home layout.
Today, I pushed around some all of the smaller pieces of furniture in our bedroom. Which means I didn't move the bed.  Ha.
I'm glad I hadn't hung any pictures yet (because I tend to center pictures over the furniture), and it would have been a bother to rehang pictures. Only a humble clock graces our bedroom walls at present, and at present, it's the only thing that will. Maybe sometime when we get some family pictures made that include Elijah, I'll get around to putting them up.
Even Adele has moved her bed since I placed it in its designated spot.

I like moving least until I stumble On the best possible arrangement. I like using rugs to define spaces, especially cozy nooks. And I wish I Had some indestructible decor items that would stay where I put them, rather than wandering all over the house With the children.

Here in our home, I'm eager  get things "just-so" with rugs and curtains and hardware, but the budget won't allow it all at's nice to think though that we could be here for years and years, and there'll be time enough to feather this nest.

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