Wednesday, January 27, 2016


so Imperfect.

Do you struggle with balance? Managing three littles under five. Running a household. Homeschool & library books. Juggling obligations...

I'm not overcommitted. I dont struggle to say no to all the extras...but the day to day staying home deal sometimes feels like too much.
I feel like I ought to be Able to care for the kids and get the chores Done every day. And yet. And yet, I can't or don't.
Where's superwoman when I need her? Surely if I were just more organized I'd be more successful....
But little brother and I don't sleep hardly any consecutive hours, so is it alright that my brain barely Functions? Does it justify my lack of get-it-done-ness?

Our Mamsie says do The next thing. Its the best I can do.
My house won't be perfect. I may only have a jug of tea to take to our church Dinner tonight. And I guess today, in this season of life, its alright.


  1. Yes! Daily. I wonder how moms of more kids do it? I wonder how moms in days past have done it? I wonder how I'm going to keep doing it for years to come? Daily.

    Today I'm struggling to balance cleaning our bathroom for the first time in two months with caring for our children. It means the TV will probably be one more than usual, I will say "not right now, I'm busy," more than I should, and I will probably end the day frazzled and wishing for a good night of sleep.

    "Grace not perfection" they say. But how? How do we balance our natural instinct of being flustered, frazzled, and irrational?

    It's a tough job. But hang in there! You're not the only one going through it! Love you!

    1. Thank for verses like, "My grace is sufficient for thee, my strength is made perfect in weakness" It's easy to forget that I need to see my weakness/sinfulness to better see my need of a Savior.
      You hang in there, too, mama!