Friday, January 22, 2016


Covington. We get remarkably little snow...just enough to be head Over heels at a chance of it in the forecast.
Last year we embraced all three Flakes. And we started a new one tradition: snow = homemade hot chocolate (which is the only kind for us, being dairy free).
Tonight's forecast includes wintry mix, and it seemed wiser to let the children Enjoy their hot chocolate in the afternoon, rather than at bedtime.

We then held an exercise session/dance party to turn off the extra sugar rush.

I found some cool galacian folk music in our itunes library, and Hattie has especially been enjoying kicking up her heels to it. I have, too.
Wouldn't it be neat to find a folk dance instructor for families. Sign us up!

Back to traditions: I have been relishing our little family eccentricities. We have a happy handshake of sorts that brings a smile to all ...kind of a secret high five. :-) we say, "sweet dreams, good night" every night. We freestyle songs all the time. The things that makes us uniquely Sayres - things I love...things that may well be passed on to the next generation.I want to be purposeful In cultivating loving traditions, but at the same time, many of ours have just fallen into place without any planning at all, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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