Thursday, February 4, 2016

9 months...

So, Elijah up and turned 9 months old a few days ago. {How is this even possible?!?} And pretty much from that point on, he decided it was time to tackle table food. So he's been trying little bits of most everything with very few sour faces or gagging issues like he used to...these are exciting changes for our little man!
I think the solid food staying in his tummy longer has helped his sleeping at night, too. He'd gotten pretty used to waking up way too often to nurse, maybe he really was hungry.

Emery's working late tonight. When night time roles around and daddy's not home, my only response is "let's go to bed!" Of course, I don't say that out loud, for such would invoke wailing and gnashing of teeth, but I'll quietly clean up the dinner things, give baths, brush teeth, and then an "okay! time for bed"..... it's 7pm....I'm not mentioning it. (Hattie often likes to know whether it's 8pm or not so she'll know whether she's going to bed on time, but she didn't ask and I didn't tell.)

It was about 75 degrees here on Tuesday, and we were outside loving it, but the problem is that once the weather decides to be normal winter temperatures (anything under 60), it feels so much coooolder after that one warm day. Boo. I think I'd rather be well adjusted to the season than enjoy one blissful day and be all the more cold afterward.

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