Saturday, February 20, 2016

A rare moment.

Emery just walked out the door with all three children. They're headed to the hardwork store (the hardware store, that is). Of course, he at first said he'd just go by himself and I volunteered him a clingy baby - who was making it impossible to chop an onion - and then the cascades of "I want to go!" And now they are gone.

I am by myself.

Whoa. Is this the twilight zone?

What should I do?
Eat chocolate? Take a bath? Paint my toenails? -- that's a good one! I've been trying to get my toes painted for MONTHS. Why is it so hard? (because of the people, of course).

Maybe I'll just savor the silence.
I could wash the dishes, but where's the fun in that?

Perhaps if I had more moments like this, I'd be a more rested, productive mama. But I'd rather take my silent moments at night time and soak up some sleep! That sleep thing is the main reason I'm not over-zealous nor over-productive.

Last night was even less sleep filled than usual. I lay there thinking and thinking. The homeschoolers are performing a play next month, "Ants'Hillvania". It's thoroughly cute, and we mothers - aka Costume Mistresses -had been trying to think up a good way to make a flower petal headdress for our little flowers.
So last night, I just thought and thought about how to make these headdresses, and by this morning I was certain that I knew how to do it and WANTED to I went off to Michael's this morning for the deco mesh and ribbon (and a few extras in the buggy because I had ideas). The flower petals are cute and fluffy -- but kind of itchy, I'm really not sure how well it'll fly. But I did it, regardless of whether they get used or not. And then those "extras" turned into my first deco mesh wreath and door monogram -- whoop! whoop!

I am not super crafty. But I do like to add beauty (on a budget), and to make some little details of this house myself enamors me all the more to this home of ours. 


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  1. Yay Emery! He should give you one of those moments at least once a week. You need it! <3