Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Looking forward to celebrating recovery....

I haven't had a full night's sleep since...I can't remember when...probably since my 2nd trimester with Elijah, over a year ago.
The bags under my eyes are pretty much triple-deckers. You know it's bad when your blush and your eye concealer are applied in the same place.

But I was inspired by a facebook post the other day, in which the mama of a little boy very close to Elijah's age, had moved the baby into his own room, and while it took a week - he finally slept through the night!
Those kind of posts almost make me cry because I UNDERSTAND the TRIUMPH.
...Because you really do feel like you're coming out of hibernation when you start sleeping like a regular person again.

And you know what? I'm ready!
I'm ready to be productive and energetic instead of just getting by. So yesterday began Elijah's sleep training.
I'm not a die-hard 'cry it out' parent. At all.
I like to ease into things, small changes and adjustments. For us this looks like starting with naps; yes, I'll nurse him to sleep and hold him till he's pretty relaxed, and then put him in his crib. Sometimes, he wants to raise a temper, but usually he's tired enough to voice a protest and then drift to sleep. {I just can't deal with putting him in his bed to cry until he's asleep, it's too much for me.}
Nights are another adjustment. Number one on the list is not letting him nurse as often, and thus getting used to sleeping longer stretches. I think even from our small changes during the day, he slept better during the night than he has in a while.
Baby steps. We will get this!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


We finished our play doings. Part of me says, "Hallelujah" and the other part says, "what time is play practice??"

SCC (Shoal Creek Co-op) really pulled Ants'Hillvania together...admittedly, it was iffy for a while, but they did great on show night.

You can watch the whole production on youtube here.

So this afternoon, I sat down with my planning notebook and thought about this play.
It's easy for me to think that the whole thing was entirely too much to do with pre-schoolers; too exhausting, too much time away from home, too much to expect my littles to handle....but then I thought about the benefits. It's no small deal for preschoolers to be able to learn an entire play, but to know when to move, to sing and dance, and to gain confidence on stage - it was worth it.
So worth it.

Plus we benefited from extra fellowship time with other mamas and kids.

Please remind me of this when the next play comes up, because my first reaction will probably be to shake my head, "Oh no, we're not ready to that again yet," and I'll need to stifle that.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thoughts on today

  • brought to you by bullets...because I haven't had time for cohesive thoughts.
  • Sometime late last night or early this morning I got to thinking about my internet usage, about times when I want to shut-down my brain a while and numbly scroll through facebook, about what my children will remember about this stage when they're grown. I want to be present with my children. I want to cherish their fleeting toddler days - however hard. It's easy to live in the virtual reality of social media and be aggravated by the real life happening at your feet. Maybe if I hadn't been so absorbed in the newsfeed, I could have circumvented the aggravation with the littles. It's worth it to do hard things. It's the only way to grow. Short story long: I've decided to attempt to limit my internet time to when my children are asleep (Right now!). I first thought I'd proclaim a fast altogether, but I know I need to check my email now and then, and reply to fb messages, so - realistically - I think I can manage having after bedtime as my few minutes to catch up on what's going on in the world.  
  • Let me just say: red. curls. Oh my, and help me rhonda - this little boy has enlarged my heart. Love is an amazing thing. With each new baby, I've loved them so much it hurt, and as they grow, I just get all the more endeared to them. It's hard to believe, but this love multiplies exponentially.
  • I bought some fresh bedding today! It's been 5+ years since we bought new full/queen size comforters, and I was ready for a change. I'd been searching online and looking at prices and getting a little discouraged, but we went to Ohco (it's a strange factory outlet vendor of fabric, rugs, mattresses, and today - bedding) and were blessed to a quilt and a comforter set for under $70. I was a little hesitant about paying that much, but after we got home I noticed the Kohl's price tags...those things would have cost me $380 at the store!!! Thank you, Lord!! I love getting a great deal; it really helps me enjoy the purchase thoroughly. So I'm sure I'll sleep well under these covers. :)
  • The forecast for this coming week says it'll be 75-80 degrees here. I feel a "Hallelujah! Come on Spring!" to be appropriate.
Happy Saturday, y'all!