Tuesday, March 22, 2016


We finished our play doings. Part of me says, "Hallelujah" and the other part says, "what time is play practice??"

SCC (Shoal Creek Co-op) really pulled Ants'Hillvania together...admittedly, it was iffy for a while, but they did great on show night.

You can watch the whole production on youtube here.

So this afternoon, I sat down with my planning notebook and thought about this play.
It's easy for me to think that the whole thing was entirely too much to do with pre-schoolers; too exhausting, too much time away from home, too much to expect my littles to handle....but then I thought about the benefits. It's no small deal for preschoolers to be able to learn an entire play, but to know when to move, to sing and dance, and to gain confidence on stage - it was worth it.
So worth it.

Plus we benefited from extra fellowship time with other mamas and kids.

Please remind me of this when the next play comes up, because my first reaction will probably be to shake my head, "Oh no, we're not ready to that again yet," and I'll need to stifle that.

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  1. It's funny that you posted this just now... I was organizing a box of old school items just this past weekend, and came across some mis-filed things from a co-op play that Emily Quarles directed years ago. A whole slew of the Grace PBC kids were in it, including Noah and Sarah. Molly was a tiny thing at the time. And I know it had to have been SO hard to make all the practices and deal with a baby and an interrupted nap schedule and helping kids learn lines and dealing with all the other things that mamas had to do to make it happen. But I have these wonderful crafts left over to look at and see what the kids did at the time and it just made me smile and tear up and they STILL talk about how much fun it was. Good for you, Mama, for doing the hard stuff to enrich their lives!