Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thoughts on today

  • brought to you by bullets...because I haven't had time for cohesive thoughts.
  • Sometime late last night or early this morning I got to thinking about my internet usage, about times when I want to shut-down my brain a while and numbly scroll through facebook, about what my children will remember about this stage when they're grown. I want to be present with my children. I want to cherish their fleeting toddler days - however hard. It's easy to live in the virtual reality of social media and be aggravated by the real life happening at your feet. Maybe if I hadn't been so absorbed in the newsfeed, I could have circumvented the aggravation with the littles. It's worth it to do hard things. It's the only way to grow. Short story long: I've decided to attempt to limit my internet time to when my children are asleep (Right now!). I first thought I'd proclaim a fast altogether, but I know I need to check my email now and then, and reply to fb messages, so - realistically - I think I can manage having after bedtime as my few minutes to catch up on what's going on in the world.  
  • Let me just say: red. curls. Oh my, and help me rhonda - this little boy has enlarged my heart. Love is an amazing thing. With each new baby, I've loved them so much it hurt, and as they grow, I just get all the more endeared to them. It's hard to believe, but this love multiplies exponentially.
  • I bought some fresh bedding today! It's been 5+ years since we bought new full/queen size comforters, and I was ready for a change. I'd been searching online and looking at prices and getting a little discouraged, but we went to Ohco (it's a strange factory outlet vendor of fabric, rugs, mattresses, and today - bedding) and were blessed to a quilt and a comforter set for under $70. I was a little hesitant about paying that much, but after we got home I noticed the Kohl's price tags...those things would have cost me $380 at the store!!! Thank you, Lord!! I love getting a great deal; it really helps me enjoy the purchase thoroughly. So I'm sure I'll sleep well under these covers. :)
  • The forecast for this coming week says it'll be 75-80 degrees here. I feel a "Hallelujah! Come on Spring!" to be appropriate.
Happy Saturday, y'all!

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