Saturday, April 23, 2016

Adventures with Waffles

This week, we began a new book. Who am I kidding? We began about twenty new books, except most of them were picture books and quickly finished. {I love our library!}
Three of them were chapter books from Sonlight's kindergarten book list...I know Sonlight doesn't really want you to just place holds at the library for all their books, but hey, it's a lot cheaper. And the books are great.
So... Adventures with Waffles.
With a title like this, I didn't have ANY idea what to expect, but we were quickly enthralled. A boy and girl duo get into all kinds of imaginative scrapes, similar to Anne of Green Gables - except set in modern times in Norway.
I was charmed with the physical descriptions of the fjords and the mountains, and honestly, it made me want some heart-shaped waffles.

I've never had heart shaped waffles, but it seems they are quite common-place in Norway and I'm positive they must be delicious.

So positive, in fact, that I've ordered a heart shaped waffle maker!
Do you know, in these nearly 7 years we've been married, we've never owned a waffle maker? We were thrilled when Kroger started carrying Gluten Free frozen waffles -- because we were raised on Eggo Waffles (Leggo my Eggo!), but those are the only ones we've had. NO HOMEMADE WAFFLES AT. ALL. Isn't that a shame? I know it is.
But I have this idea that with my heart-shaped waffle maker, I'll be able to whip up such a lovely and delicious breakfast, and with greater ease than perhaps homemade donuts -- which I also love, but baking is a real struggle for me right now. My three helpers and conversationalists make it difficult to think And read a recipe And give orders about what's to be done. But waffles, I think I can manage.

Maybe I ought to tell the family it's my mother's day gift? ;)
That would be fine and dandy with me.


I ordered myself some red saltwater sandals, finally! I've been eying them since last summer. I picked them up from the shoe store this morning. It's so nice to have a pair of shoes that I trust will travel many miles with me. And Hattie felt she would love it if I bought her some too, so we're twinkies - save hers are silver.
{I never heard anyone call two matching people twinkies until I moved to MS, maybe it's a regional thing, but I'll carry it forward. ;)}
I was going to look for some saltwaters for Adele too, but they only had white in her size, and she already has some white sandals, so we got her some glittery silvery crocs -- they're like the jelly sandals we used to wear as kids, but so much more comfortable. She's happy with them, and with her taste in fashion - I consider this a miracle, she's so hard to judge.


Asa and his family were down for a visit last week. We had a ball spending a few days with them, and it's been so funny to listen to how much more Elijah is talking and jabbering. The girls used to do the same when we lived out of state, they come home with words they'd never said before....all from a visit with cousins.
Unfortunately, we must have also shared germs while they were here. We've been battling fevers and congestion this week. Hopefully, we've just about run our course for this round of sickness. The more children you have the longer it takes to cycle through a bug like this and I certainly hope it didn't take hold in Asa's family and his six children - for that might take 2 or 3 weeks to run its course.

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