Monday, April 4, 2016

One week

So, it's been a full week since I began Elijah's sleep training process. And, no, I can't exclaim from the rooftops that he's sleeping through the night in his own bed in his own room. But then again, I wasn't expecting, I haven't moved his crib from beside my bed. I'm all about baby steps remember.
{Speaking of baby steps, my baby IS stepping. He thinks he's all grown up now that he can walk across the room. Be still my heart. }
So, naps: he is doing SO great. Naps in his crib, and he's learning to fall asleep there by himself. I'm stoked that he doesn't HAVE to nurse to sleep. And speaking of nursing, I've been letting him nurse at night much less often, to which he hasn't put up much resistance. We're changing habits here, people. In January and February, he had gotten into an awful habit of waking a dozen times a night. I'm not even kidding. And he would only nurse back to sleep. Talk about being a "Mombie." Now, he's down to nursing maybe twice a night, and taking his paci when he wakes otherwise. He's starting the night in his crib, too. I'm very hopeful that as he gets accustomed to sleeping longer, he's be just as comfortable in his crib as in our bed.
Things are going well. I'm encouraged.
Thank you, LORD!

The next phase of this juggling act is getting down to business about potty training Adele.
{I hate potty trainging. Really. Can I outsource this job?}
And today we began the "we're only going to wear panties and you get to clean up your messes" phase. I hope she takes to this like a duck to water. I know consistency is the key, and I've been struggling to give our girl that. Seems like whenever we've decided to start getting serious about training her, someone falls ill and it seems impossible for me to have the follow-through to make sure she's going potty....I guess it's one of the failures of survival mode. Ho-hum. She's got a strong will and determination, and maybe maybe maybe she'll WANT to make this happen --- and get her celebratory lunch with Granana and new panties.
Here's hoping!

Happy Monday. 

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