Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rainy Tuesday and a Note of Clarification

We haven't had rain in weeks. Afternoon thundershowers would be in the forecast, and yet they always fizzled with nary a drip for us. Our Maryland family, on the other hand, has had rain for 3 weeks solid. Yikes.
So, today in soft showers and heavy ones at times, we've had rain. A little thunder. And it could only be improved upon by raining at bedtime. That's the very best time for a rain as far as I am concerned; it's so much nicer to snuggle up under the covers with the steady patter of rain on the roof.
The rain has also given me an excuse NOT to go grocery shopping. Never mind the bareness in the fridge, we'll figure out Something. Getting soaked whilst loading groceries into the van isn't appealing. So we've stayed home and lounged. And it's been nice.


You may have noticed my allusion to Sweet Gum House in my last post. I haven't told you, but we've named our little abode, and Sweet Gum House it is.
We don't have any sycamores in the yard currently, if we did I'm sure the name of our home would have involved a Sycamore, but we do have a prominent Sweet Gum tree in the yard, and we all agreed that Sweet Gum House fit nicely.

Hattie hold that if we were to open a restaurant in our home, then we could call it Sweet Gum Table. And I like that too, though I don't intend to open any restaurant. Hattie tends to give effusive compliments to my cooking when I serve dishes like hotdogs or fish-sticks. "Mom, you make the best {instant} oatmeal in the world!" or "You're the best hotdog cooker ever."
She's sweet and sincere, and I appreciate any compliment I can get, however it'd be nice if she gave accolades over home-cooked meals.  Oh well. :)

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