Saturday, September 10, 2016

6 weeks at home: What I've learned

If you've been a reader here for any length of time, you probably already know that I'm a full time homemaker. A domestic engineer, if you will. We stay home a lot...there have been plenty of weeks when we'd only get out to go grocery shopping and to church, but these last six weeks have been another kind of staying home. They've been quarantine.
Surprisingly, it's hasn't been that bad.

For a short recap, I had shingles and then we waited for the children to get chicken pox. The girls ran fevers, and we thought maybe they'd skip out on the serious business, but Elijah came down with a full blown case and they caught the big stuff from him. To add insult to injury, about half of us have colds too.

We're mostly on the mend.
The slow mend.
The slow paced life.

I've left the house six times in six weeks.

Emery has done the shopping for us.

And frankly, I LIKE BEING HOME.

I don't get behind on my chores (unless a child is really sick) when I'm exclusively home. I don't have to worry about making lunches on the run.
We've done plenty of playing, though not outside for the poor girls have had sores on the bottoms of their feet and couldn't wear shoes. We've done our chores and school work. And enjoyed a considerable amount of PBS Kids. 
 Life is more rested. We've never been ones to over commit ourselves and our schedules - and the play we did this Spring was almost more than I could cope with - but not running hither and yon to stores or play-dates or Anything, has been so restful. And perhaps directly related to this: Elijah sleeps better...I sleep better...AND I've been turning over a new leaf toward making breakfast for the family everyday. {Though I'll tell you right now, I cannot get myself organized and out of bed in time to cook when I've been up most of the night with a child - or children, as the case may be. In this respect, sleeping all night makes me a different person. I could get used to this habit. Lol}

What will I change moving forward?
Well, we've got to wean these children back from TV. Little addicts throw raging fits when I say No. And we do have commitments on the horizon, beside our 3x a week church service. But I am happy to just stay home. We've been working on our budget in order, and knowing our goals and what we're working with makes me all the more ready to stay home rather than go browsing the stores.

I think some may have thought that I was getting depressed when I expressed that once we could go out, I didn't want to. But I really don't think I've got the doldrums, just content with where we are right now.
Mostly, I'm thankful we're getting over this chicken pox episode and that my children aren't miserable with itchiness anymore.


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  2. I feel ya. I'm a bit of hermit'ish homebody, which I don't think is your situation. But I do understand the desire to be able to stay put and enjoy the rest! (Especially because it happens so infrequently.)

    1. I imagine with your kids' schedule you really relish staying home for a few days in a row! As far as being a hermit -- I've got introverted tendencies too, and people-ing wears me out. lol