Friday, September 2, 2016

Fashion Foward

Y'all, I'm not trendy. I'm not into haute couture. And that's cool with me.

I do want to look put together, and I do want to be aware of the trends enough to pick ones that I might eventually get used to, and, if they're still hanging around a few seasons later, try to embrace them.

Like skinny jeans. I first started seeing these in high school - class of 07! - and yet how many years did it take me to jump on that bandwagon? FOUR. Lol. And that was largely due to having just had a baby and needing to find a pair of pants that fit...which they did for approx. two weeks.  Another Lol.

But here's the thing. I'm a homeschool mom, and I REALLY don't want to fall into the comfortable and practical rut, ahem, denim jumpers ahem. Or even permanent yoga pants. I do own a pair of yoga pants and they are comfortable, and sometimes that's all I want in the world, but for leaving the house - they don't cut it for me.

So...good old pintrest. I see what's happening (it's good to have college girls around). I like to be informed, you know.
I know that styled/heavier eye brows are popular these days. And bold lips. These are things I can pull off and feel a little more polished. It helps that Emery appreciates these efforts
However, the 90s styles that have made their way back in -- I can't deal. Overalls and high waisted jeans. No, thanks! I'll just wait these out.
People will probably be wearing stirrup pants like I did in elementary school. Yikes. It may have been twenty years ago, but I'm not ready folks. I'll let the whippersnappers that didn't live through these fashions the first time indulge.

It's ironic that I've got this on the brain after a month of quarantine, wherein I have put together exactly two outfits. Maybe that's why, though, maybe I'm getting worn out of my at-home combos. Maybe some day I'll go shopping.
But it won't be soon because a) we're working on our budget and b) my daughters have the chicken pox.

I know. We thought we were over it too. We went to church twice and everything. Or rather exposed everyone. But here they are, all spotty and itchy...and at least they're getting full blown cases while they're young.
This means, however, that our beach trip, for which we've been eagerly anticipating for months has been cancelled. That's worth sighing over. Hopefully it'll be rescheduled fairly soon. I'm overdue for some vitamin-sea!


  1. Noooooo!!!! Ugh. I'm so sorry about the trip. :-( That stinks.

    1. It is a little heart-rending, but we're hoping to maybe make a trip in October.

  2. Aw! So sorry about your trip too, but it will be that much more fun when you get to go after the girls are better! As for trendy fashion, I am with you. There is one trend recently that I just hate...women's one piece jumpsuits...why, oh why??? These rompers only look good on toddlers! Ugh! :-)

    1. Haha! Melanie, I hear you!! They sometimes look kind of comfortable, but having to get all the way undressed to use the bathroom is not my idea of a good time. Lol. I love them on toddlers. :)