Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Fear

The book on my nightstand right is this one --->

No Fear, from Tony Perkins is a challenging and inspiring collection of stories from young Christians today who are taking a stand for their faith and Fighting against the those that would seek to silence them.

Growing up in the "Bible Belt," Christianity is a social norm. In other parts of the country this is clearly not the case, but regardless of the region Christianity is under attack. These bold young people are following the Spirit's leading: in saying a prayer when told to keep faith out of the picture, in embracing purity when the world mocks it, in doing what's right even when it's ever so hard.

These stories are encouraging, especially when the "Millennial" generation and those even younger are portrayed in such a bad light. There are still courageous Christians rising up.

Tony Perkins pairs each modern hero with a Biblical hero facing a similar situation, ringing true the relevance of the Bible to our current situations.

Before even reading this book, I felt "Aha, here is a good graduation gift for the teens in my life." And indeed, I do plan to give it away. When I graduated high school, my brother gifted me with a book entitled, Don't Waste Your Life. I feel like the themes between that one and this resonate well together. Be bold young people. Do hard things. Jesus is worth it.

One thing that has been on my mind with this young kids facing huge obstacles, well, I don't feel like No Fear is really a thing. I think it's doing what's right in face of the fears that weight heavy on your heart that's the crux of the matter.

But what if your moments of following God's leadings aren't major issues such as those brought forth in this book. What if your Fear moments come in the everyday trials. What if your Fear is to Obey God when he's leading you to befriend the person to whom no one speaks. What if your Fear is to step outside your comfort zone and speak authentically with those around you - to cut the small talk and get to the real heart issues.
Even these examples can feel terrifying, but you Go and Do. Because "God hath not given us a spirit of FEAR, but of Power and Love and of a Sound Mind"

{I was provided a free copy of this book to review from Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own.}

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