Saturday, July 29, 2017

Maybe I've grown up

I had the rare pleasure of coffee with a friend sans children this morning. We have ten between us, and you know mamas can't talk when managing littles. Anyway, during our conversation we were talking about unexpected friendships and being intentional about pursuing friendships outside of our stage of life. And it hit us both how we're not the YOUNG people anymore...because there's nearly a decade between Us and the young married couples. Ha. How strange.

Yet, this week -for the very first time- I have bought produce with the express intention of freezing it. 10lbs of peaches: in my freezer! And the corn off a dozen ears of corn!
I grew up around large families with whom it was the norm to put up tons of fruits and veg, and my little batches seem infinitesimally small in comparison. But everyone has to start someplace, and I'll not despise small beginnings. 

The other hand of this matter is that while baking bread is my typical signal of "normalcy returned"* (Who wants to bake bread when it's 100 degrees out?), perhaps this freezing of produce is a similar action - perhaps we've adjusted to life in Mississippi. Perhaps we're trying to thrive.
I know we are.

*In some blog post probably 4+ years ago, I wrote about baking bread for the first time roughly six weeks after Adele was born - and then I KNEW that I was managing life rather than just surviving. I feel so much better when I'm productively managing, but survival mode sometimes comes with the mothering territory.

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