Monday, July 3, 2017

Where we are

It's raining. It's rained three or four times today, vanquishing my hopes of going to a laundry mat having the joy of clean clothes.

Nothing contributes chaos into my life so much as scrounging around for clothes, and more especially clothes that are here and there in no order whatsoever. Some stashed in a box in my bath tub, some in suitcases, a very few in drawers, some on hangers tied up in trash bags. It's as if they're everywhere and no where at all.

Why on earth is life so chaotic? Moving.
Moving will do it every. single. time.

And for better or worse, this has not been one of those charming "move down the street" moves. This has been a "cross a few states" move. We enjoyed nearly peachy three years in the land of my nativity, but work has carried us away from thence. {as an aside, I had to look up that last phrase to check my grammar, and lo and behold it was "King James" speak. Raise your hand if you're surprised!} 
So, we Sayres find ourselves back in Mississippi. You know, to think about MS and all it's stereotypes, it seems a backwards thing to be moving here. Let me speak some truth into your life though, while Mississippi may not someplace you think of as up and coming - the fact is: its people are as sweet as the tea; many quaint small towns are enjoying a fun renaissance of local businesses. It's lovely. 

But leaving family and friends is challenging. The children and I are all coping with this transition. Of course, children will have a hard time with changes, I'm expecting another two weeks maybe of rough sailing with them. However, as the mother hen -- I haven't the time nor energy to cry a bucketful of tears, and am scurrying to put back together the familiar trappings of what is OUR home (not to mention to be able to cook some meals), and it's just a juggling act, like all of motherhood, I suppose.
Couple all the juggling with pregnancy exhaustion, and it's an even more complex equation. I did manage to get our old house packed, with many naps along the way. I'm 15 weeks today. I'm nervous about sharing this news because of the fear of having to "un-share" it again, should the unthinkable happen. Vulnerability isn't a weakness though, and I desire to be authentic in this space. 
'm due near Christmas. Hattie has been praying for this baby at every meal. She's been very faithful.

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