Wednesday, August 30, 2017

a little rain

It's raining here. Quietly soaking and nourishing our somewhat parched grass.
A rainy day is soothing to my mind as well. The gray light sifting in through the windows and the cooler temperatures are refreshing.
Occasionally, my children will get to pull a little something special from our Rainy Day Bag.
We make coffee or tea, and snuggle up to read.

But not so far away there is such terrible suffering at the hands of the same storm system .
I can't imagine what 50 inches of rain feels like in Houston, but I'm certain it's burdensome and far from a nice repose. I'm certain it's life-shattering -- and it'll be days or weeks before those afflicted can begin to pick up the pieces of their lives once the water recedes. Perhaps right now, the survival, is the hardest...or perhaps the hardest will be later on when the devastation fully reveals itself.

I feel guilty enjoying our bit of rain.
But enjoying it I am.

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